The human body is held together by different types of joints. A joint is where two bones meet, held together with ligaments. Joints allow us to be flexible by lubricating our bones to provide movement without friction. Joints are lubricated with hyaluronic acid and synovial fluid, which allow the bones to move easily. These bones are constantly being used in everyday activities, which makes them more prone to injuries and diseases. Most people face problems with joints as they get older. The bones start to get weaker making joint pain a common issue among the older generation. Although, most adults also face this issue from time to time. Especially for individuals who are physically active or have jobs that are labor intensive. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise can have a debilitating affect on the joints. Injuries can also cause joint pain because the joints are all connected, a single fracture can cause strain on the joints. Diseases such as arthritis, bursitis and osteomyelitis can also cause extreme pain in the joints. Pain can be experienced anywhere in the body, most people experience pain in their wrists, knees, shoulders and back. These ligaments are constantly being used which can cause the joints to deteriorate much faster.

One of the most common causes of joint pain is arthritis. Arthritis is a condition where the cartilage inside the joints slowly breaks. Cartilage is very important in the functioning of a joint, it allows the bones to move without causing friction. Without cartilage the bones rub together causing an extensive amount of pain to the the patients. The pain can be very excruciating to deal with and interrupt an individuals day to day activities. The exact diagnosis of joint pain requires a visit to the doctor. The doctor will conduct some preliminary tests, take x rays and try to prevent the joints from deteriorating. Most treatment methods require the patient to bring some change into their lifestyle. This usually requires them to avoid lifting heavy things and allowing their joints to rest. Medication is also prescribed to help patients deal with the pain and stop the break down of cartilage. Pain killers such as naproxen, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help relieve the inflammation and help control the pain. Without the help of medication, the pain can be unbearable. Most people are required to take medication for very long periods of time. This can also have adverse affects on health, it is recommended to consult your doctor in order to find the best treatment available.

Taking proper care of the joints will provide long term relief from pain. Taking proper precautions while exercising and working will help the joints stay healthy. Regular visits to the doctor can also help, if a condition such as arthritis is present the doctor can prescribe medication that will stop the cartilage from breaking down. A healthy diet and proper exercise will help the immune system and prevent joint related diseases. Other methods include warm baths, sensual massages and stretching. Preventing joint pain can be a lot easier than having to deal with the effects of it after the joints become vulnerable to diseases.You can read more here

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