Business leaders would agree with the fact that for a company to remain in the industry, a continual stream of leads is necessary. Smart entrepreneurs know that it is essential to spend a substantial amount of time to generate leads. But the question is how much time is necessary for this task? Do business entities call for just a few individuals to attain sales leads that they need in order to progress, or do they necessitate a different and isolated team to perform lead generation tasks only so that they could specialize on closing deals?

While most firms still opt for maintaining their own lead generation teams, on the other hand, others find that outsourcing the task is their better and wiser alternative. For companies who outsourced their lead generation functions, their time and resources are better spent on dedicating on their core competencies. But mind you, this is not to say that the process of lead generation is far less crucial, it’s just that you have to be realistic—this job needs full attention from the leaders and managers for it to succeed. Typical business experts find the prospecting task too difficult and challenging, so ultimately, they opt for the wiser choice, that is to let the professionals deal with it via outsourcing.

If the question of outsourcing being a cost-effective option, this may be the top most reason why there are still a lot of business owners who remain to be cynical regarding outsourced telemarketing programs. Selecting between outsource or in-house to carry out a marketing campaign still boils down to cost-efficiency. Can companies actually save money with this? Well, they can always take into consideration the resources and time they can expend setting up and maintaining an in-house telemarketing team or how about sustainability? Do they need only a brief telemarketing project, or will they need a long-term campaign? Do their businesses rely on the fiscal standing of the firm? Most companies realize that the money they save because of outsourcing can be really utilized for other projects which call for more funds. If you think about it, resources are certainly capitalized on by outsourcing telemarketing tasks.

As for companies apprehension that outsourcing would mean losing control over the process, that’s understandable. Obviously, business leaders prefer to have the complete control regarding all business matters. Of course, they have to make sure that the firm remains to be lucrative. Though, they fear that they can lose control of the marketing activities if they allow an “outsider” firm to handle their lead generation project. Conversely, outsourcing lead generation to third party b2b companies make good business sense because the telemarketing agency would work in partner with business owners and executives from improving the script to the execution of the campaign. The BPO (business process outsourcing) company would accomplish telemarketing tasks based on the client’s standards. These phone marketers will conduct calls according to the terms given by the company.

There are numerous stories about outsourcing telemarketing programs, but it is advisable to gather as much information as you can on each company’s performance. Return on investment is an important element in outsourcing lead generation. Take note that if the telemarketing services are going beyond your expectations, then it’s worth all your efforts, time and money.

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