Achieving success online is something that seems to elude many internet entrepreneurs and in most cases it has little to do with financial resources. Working online offers people realistic expectations of becoming successful entrepreneurs because financial barriers are generally not an issue due to very low start up costs. Strangely however most still fail to succeed because the biggest barrier blocking their path is often times themselves!

Here are 5 common 'non-financial' reasons many aspiring internet entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals when working online.

Instant Gratification

Today's society gravitates towards instant gratification and if the desired outcome does not occur quick enough people tend to walk away. In addition many are under the illusion that working online in many cases will result in overnight riches therefore if things do not happen right away they quit.

Information Overload

The internet is wrought with plenty of opportunities but with that comes many distractions as well. It is very common for aspiring internet entrepreneurs to be continually distracted by many 'new' business opportunities being presented to them. This results in them never following through on their efforts to build any business they may be working on. In addition new strategies and techniques seem to be introduced daily and this also tends to 'paralyze' their progress since they are hopping from one to the next.

There will always be something new and improved but that does not mean older strategies no longer work! Remember nothing gets done if you are constantly changing your direction since you will never finish what you started!

Loss of Focus

As already noted working online offers many distractions but if you are building a business you absolutely must maintain your focus! Whether it is checking email, the news, viral videos or some other time consuming/wasting task you need to learn to prioritize your time and focus! Allowing yourself to fall victim to all these distractions results in nothing getting done and you therefore quitting your pursuits!

Unwillingness to Invest Effort

One thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common are strong work ethics. If you are not willing to invest the time and energy you can forget about earning a good or even any income online!

Poor Planning

Things do not just happen you have to plan accordingly and this is even more true when you are trying to build a business. Marketing, managing and resources of all sorts are things you must consider and plan for before you even start your business. Many have little or no business experience when starting out on the internet therefore planning is often overlooked and results in futility and failure. Planning is not a talent but something anybody can learn and is an important necessity when working online.

Achieving success online for many aspiring internet entrepreneurs tends to be difficult and in most cases the barriers are not financial in nature. Successful entrepreneurs realize that focus and determination are required for any goals of significance to be met. This is the 'heart' of the problem for many working online as discussed in the 5 common reason for internet business failure above. The encouraging message here is that this is something 'not' outside our own control and with the proper discipline can be overcome. The only question left is do you really want to succeed?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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