Many have taken to the internet in search of achieving online success but have instead have been met with business failure! This is actually quite common leaving many to believe developing a successful internet based business is more a dream than it is a realistic goal! The fact of the matter is many of these business failures are due primarily to individuals simply lacking certain characteristics! The opportunities are there and they are realistic!

Let's have a look at why there are so many business failures online and how you can avoid being one of them!

Lack of Discipline

Most have little or no experience managing anything other than their own households. There are things to be done, regularly, and its up to the individual to see these tasks and projects are completed, successfully! Being your own boss can be either a blessing or a curse depending upon your level of discipline! For some folks the responsibilities associated with the operation of an internet based business can be overwhelming! This is primarily due to simply a lack of experience with such matters but with time comes experience!

Lack of Focus

People must have a strong inner belief in both themselves and what it is they are pursuing! If this doesn't exist it becomes very easy to lose your focus resulting in wasted time and energy. The more this tends to occur, which is quite frequently due to all the distractions found online, the higher the level of frustration. After a while many associate this frustration with what they feel is the complications involved in trying to establish an internet based business! At this point people become convince it's too difficult and then decide to quit!

Easily Frustrated

Many expect that earning an income online is quick and easy and in this age of instant gratification this is no surprise! The reality is it will take time to establish yourself but although it may not be as easy as pouring a cup of coffee it's not difficult! Remember you are 'building' something and this process typically takes time and plenty of patience! If you are in short supply of either or even both trying your hand at marketing online is probably not the right choice for you!

Online success tends to elude many trying to build a profitable internet based business but it is NOT because these opportunities are unrealistic! The fact is many business failures are due to people lacking certain basic characteristics which can be easily developed! The discussion above targets the 3 most common 'character flaws' if you will, that keep many from succeeding! The opportunities do exist, and they are real however in order to avoid business failure it seems you simply need to want success bad enough!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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