One person that I know decided that he was not happy with his weight, but after short period of time I saw that his way of dieting and working out, isn't going to work out, which made me think why do people give up on healthy lifestyle?
1. People aren’t educated
Most people that decide that they will eat better/healthier and/or start working out, don’t really know much about that topic. They decide that they are going to cut all the bad things out of their diet and start exercise like crazy. What happens is that they starve themselves throughtout the week, and then on the weekend they get loose and all that suppose diet and working out goes to waste.
2. Infulence of other people
When people start their journey to better health, they don’t know if they can count on people around them for support. Some people around you are going to support you and help you along the way, but some other people will try to bring you down and make you feel bad.
3. It is easier to stay the same
It is much easier to stop on your way home to drive thru or to order pizza or some other dish from your favorite restaurant then it is to cook your meals on weekends and freeze them or to cook in the morning or when you get home. Same goes for working out, it is easier to sit and watch TV or star at your computer then it is to work out.
4. Don’t believe they can do it
People whose lifestyle has been poor and lacking healthy foods and exercise, have small faith in themselves that they can change anything and become the person that they want to be.

1. Educate yourself
If you don’t have money for a trainer or nutritionist, become your own teacher. Go to the library and find books about fitness and nutrition, go online and read articles. Be a life long learner and use all of the knowledge that is out there. You don’t have to believe everything you read from every single person. Take what works for you and leave the rest.
2. Love yourself
When starting a journey to change your health, start to love yourself. When you love yourself, what other people think or do, doesn’t affect you as much as would if you didn’t love yourself, but you see your goal clearly and know that no one’s opinion can make you quit your quest.
3. Change is uncomfortable, but it is worth it
Let’s face it, change is uncomfortable and scary. Whenever you try something new, you are going to be scared, and that is normal. I know you might not like what new foods tastes like, and that your muscles are probably going to be sore after long time of not working out. But, you must believe that you are worth it and see the bigger picture.
4. You can do it
No matter what anyone else tells you or you tell yourself, you can do it. You can make that healthy meal that you love, you can push through that workout, you can do anything you want. You are so powerful that nothing and no one can break you.

No matter what, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Author's Bio: 

Ema Baksa was born on May 25th, 1990 in small town of Cakovec, Croatia. She attended elementary school as well as high school in her home town of Cakovec. After moving to capital city of Croatia, Zagreb she started her journey in health. She has always been into healthy lifestyle and fitness since her dad was a handball player and she was always accompaning him on his handball games. She discovered her love for fitness and nutrition about more than a year ago, when she started to watch Dr. Oz show. Her love for healthy lifestyle started to grow and grow. She started to read various books, articles on line and listen to seminars, webinars, etc. Which is what she does on a daily basis. Ema is currently a student at Kinesiology College of Zagreb where she is studying to become Certified Fitness Coach. She is also a professional dancer and has her dance crew with which she attends dance competitions and show.

Ema's biggest passion and mission in life is to help as many people to be healthy and live long and happy life. She thinks she is different from other fitness coaches because she approaches every person like they are best friends and cares about helping them in any area of their life, not just fitness. But her biggest goal is to help people to learn to love themselves through healthy lifestyle.