Most network marketers find it very difficult to sponsor just one person into their down line. To grow your MLM business to the size you desire is a lot easier said than done. The slick presentation at those prospecting workshops makes sense, which is getting a few friends and family involved at the start, then eventually aiming for a few dozen households in your down line in order to get a nice residual check each month. As we all know, it can seem almost impossible to reach that stage where you are actually making an income. So why isn’t the journey in network marketing smooth? Why is it that the majority of people in this industry only last a few months before giving up? There could be a whole bunch of reasons for this. However, the main cause for the very high failure rate is because the individuals who sign up, rarely see their financial goals come closer to them. The dreams they set out at the start with their up line never start to become a reality and there is very little reassurance that they will.

The MLM world would be a whole lot brighter if the business model was actually working as expected in the first place - which is being able to grow a strong down line that provides an ongoing stream of income in a realistic time frame. So lets dig into a couple of areas of why this hardly happens to the majority of network marketers. The prospecting methods being used are generally very ineffective and deliver a bad image to MLM. Usually, these techniques tend to cause you to target your family and acquaintances. Your up line may tell you to keep repeating this process because ‘eventually’ you will come across a keeper. However, you will be the person left with everyone avoiding you, with at best only one or two in your down line to show for after your alienating activities. More than often, the poor training that individuals receive to building a down line leads them getting next to zero results after putting in a huge amount of time and energy. This can have devastating effects on the person who isn’t making a single step towards progress. It’s no wonder why people throw in the towel and are left with a sour taste of MLM in their mouth.

One other reason why people find it so hard to build their down line is because they try too hard at pressing their opportunity on prospects which can sometimes bully a prospect into signing up. When you first start out in this industry you can be very excited about the business model. The only thing you want to do is to sponsor as many people as you can into your down line in the shortest time possible. Sound familiar? Many rookies end up creating a lot of hype and making outrageous promises to prospects on what MLM can do for them. Doing this will get you nowhere, because you have to let prospects figure out for themselves if network marketing is the type of business opportunity they have been waiting for which will turn their lives around. What you really need to be doing in order to successfully build a down line is to be unique and stand out from everyone who is using the hyped up approach. You need to attract prospects to you and have them asking about your opportunity. A prospect of this status is far more valuable than somebody you are harassing. If you start building your down line with these kinds of prospects then you will have no trouble at all in growing your business.

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