Portion control is one of the popular ways of dieting. For years, the idea of limiting portions has been around for people to try out. It has gone from reducing portion sizes to out-rightly changing how to eat and think about food. But many people are yet to be convinced about the effectiveness of this approach to dieting. Can limiting your body to only a specific portion really be a good way to eat? Does it not limit the way that you can eat and the enjoyment you get from food?

Portion Control Myths

The above, unfortunately, is an oft-repeated myth. Portion control apparently means limiting your food choices to one kind of food and sticking with it all day, every day. Thankfully, it’s nothing like that. Optimal diet control is about foods that are healthy for your body type. From any African dish to every European dish.These myths can make it hard for people to get the full benefits of smart and decisive portion control. This is a solution that helps our bodies by;

Improving how we take in our calories

Most of us eat big portion sizes of food without caring what makes it up. When you reduce your intake you start to take more care and appreciation in what makes up your food in the first place. Portion controlling helps you to see more of what you are
taking in, helping you avoid eating negatively without even knowing it.

Reducing eating habits long-term.

You’d have to make necessary changes if you’re addicted to certain foods.The change is easier to effect when you’re conditioned to smaller portions. As you get used to eating less your body will learn to expect less, reducing the amount of time you spend craving or desiring foods.

Get more experimental

Going with portion controls means using a lot of
similar ingredients, it’s true. However, you can find a massive array of ways to spice up and flavor your foods whilst still staying very healthy. This gives you enough room to experiment and find healthier options to replace former junks.

As you can see, using portion control isn’t some crazy idea thought up to punish us.It’s a legitimate way of eating that makes us more conscious about how we eat and how we look after our bodies in general. It also tends to make us a lot more appreciative of what we do take in, ensuring that we start to see major changes to the way we think about food.When the thoughts change, so do the actions – for this reason alone, portion control is a very powerful skill.

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Clare Obikwere is a freelance writer specializing in the health, nutrition, and fitness niche.