Have you tried positive thinking, in the hope that it would change your life? What about Affirmations? Or even will power? Only to discover it works sometimes and not others? And like so many others, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that all that advice is just a waste of time, money and effort right?

Because let’s be honest, this advice never seems to work on the great stuff you really want does it? Like that yacht, that great job, that perfect house, the perfect partner or that bucket load of money.

So why do the gurus keep telling us it does! What are we missing?

Well, we’re all missing two vital facts.

The first fact, is that our magnificent minds work under the Laws of Consistency.

The second fact, is that our minds have a little filter called a Reticular Activating System and it allows in and filters out information.

This filtering system of your mind, works very similar to the spam function on your inbox. Just like your spam filter stops you from being bombarded by annoying unimportant emails, your Reticular Activating System also stops your mind from being bombarded by annoying and irrelevant information within your environment.

You see, whether you’re aware of it or not, your nervous system can only handle about 134 bits of data coming into your mind per second. And just like annoying spammers there’s way more in this world than we can or want to deal with. In fact, there’s about 2 million bits of sensory data available in your environment right this minute.

Now, you don’t have to be very good at maths to understand that if your mind only allows in 134 bits of data and there’s 2 million bits available at any one time, you’re missing out on a WHOLE LOT of information.

But the real question is: How do you know what your missing out on? Because you ARE missing out on stuff, we all are!

How do you know if your mind is filtering out information that would help you to create a loving relationship? Or a supportive environment? Or maybe, an opportunity to create a bucket load of money? What about happiness? Or discovering that dream home you always wanted? And what about that fantastic job offer?

Now remember, I said earlier that the mind works under the Laws of Consistency. Let’s have a look at that in an example: Let’s say ‘Sarah’ sees herself as someone who is lazy, overweight, unworthy, unlovable, or just plain hopeless. (This inner belief of herself sets up the ‘settings’ for her filtering system.)

So, what do you think is going to happen when that opportunity for a loving relationship knocks on her door? Or an opportunity to create a bucket load of money just falls at her feet? Or a fantastic job offer shows up for her?

Will she accept these opportunities with open arms?

Well, she may want to but remember that filter called the Reticular Activating System?

Now just like the spam filter on your inbox, it’s the Reticular Activating Systems DUTY to block them out.

You see, your filtering system, just like Sarah’s in this example, is there to protect your mind from being bombarded and overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

Now since, Sarah has her filtering system on a setting of 'unworthiness' it must only allow in information and situations that are CONSISTENT with or CONFIRM this belief she holds of herself. Everything else will be regarded as junk and disregarded. Sarah will unconsciously reject or sabotage the very opportunities that would take her closer to her dreams. All because they are inconsistent with how she sees herself as a person.

So please understand that if you’ve applied all the ‘rules’ of positive thinking, affirmations, will power, Law of Attraction or even The Secret and results have not been happening for you, rest assured that there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

It just that your mind works under the Laws of Consistency.

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As a Professional Life Coach I enjoy empowering others with Free Video Training. Giving them the tools to create a fulfilling and successful life because it's truly possible for everyone. You just need to know how!