At times, people prefer to follow DIY stuff for pressure cleaning their gardens and driveways with the intention of saving. No doubt it is a noble idea, but the point is it may backfire horribly. The reason behind being, pressure cleaning can be quite a dangerous job id not done in a proper way. Hence, it needs the involvement of specialised personnel.

Here are a few reasons that will sufficiently prove how dangerous pressure can be if the right procedures are not followed and the proper rules are not stuck to.

Getting ‘HIT’ by Water!

The water pressure exerted by the high-pressure water guns can be as much as 50 times stronger than the force exerted by the simple garden hoses. Water that oozes out of the high-pressure nozzles is strong enough to even cut through different materials including even the heavy duty boots that the professionals wear during pressure cleaning.

Thus, if by any chance an individual not trained or habituated in using these jets loses control of the jet or gets distracted, it will land the hapless soul in the hospital bed instead of a clean garden!

Receiving Electric Shock

Electricity and water never make a good pair! However, when it comes to a discussing a high-pressure water jet that's precisely what is talked about.

Most of these high-pressure washers come up with 20 to 30 feet long power cables. As these hoses are maneuvered, these power cables move accordingly, and this makes them susceptible to cracks and kinks.

Now if water winds up in any of these cracks, it may be the reason enough for a short circuit, resulting in an electrical shock to the person carrying out pressure cleaning in Sunshine Coast or an outbreak of an electrical fire.

Hence, it is ideal to use these pressure washers with an electric socket, which is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter. This will drastically eliminate the probability of an electrical shock of other mishaps including the outbreak of fire. This, to say the least, asks for the involvement of a well trained professional.  

High-Pressure Water damaging the Surface

Besides inflicting severe cuts and bruises, these high-pressure hoses have the ability to inflict serious damage to the surface - and that does not include only soil.

They also damage rendered surfaces and thus, ruin the getup of gardens. In case the pressure is not applied evenly, it may even end up breaking the seals or blasting off the paint of the sidings of the walls while washing the driveways.

It may result in Fatal Injuries

As the water gushes out under tremendous pressure, even a seemingly minor cut can snowball into some really serious injury.  What apparently may look like to minute superficial puncture of skin can ultimately turn out to be a more profound and fatal injury.

Moreover, it's not just water that is used during high-pressure garden cleaning and care in Sunshine Coast. Various chemicals are also used along with water. These chemicals can be particularly harmful when they come in contact with blood through the cuts, causing bacterial infections or even worse!

Thus, considering all these issues, it can very well be mentioned that it is always safest to put money on insured professionals for high-pressure cleaning of gardens and driveways.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a licensed and insured professional who carries out pressure cleaning and garden care service in Sunshine Coast. The author also writes blogs and is followed by many.