Unfortunately in this age your privacy on the internet may put both you and others at risk! The uproar over the NSA having access to your private data reflecting your activities online has drawn global attention! This outcry is all about whether a persons privacy online is being violated by such surveillance that is intended to monitor suspicious activity in a proactive effort to curb terrorism! To date the mood of the general public has been one of astonishment and distrust however there is some legitimacy for the need of such surveillance!

Here are 3 hard to dispute reasons as to why your privacy online, at least here in the US, may need to be compromised in an effort to keep you and your family safe!

Bad Guys Exist (And Not Just On Video)

The underbelly of society exists even online and monitoring any suspicious activity is the ONLY way to control it! It seems 'controls' or 'precautions' of some sort need to be implemented online to thwart malicious use of this technology! May we need to reconsider our views of our own activity on the web as being completely secret and confidential? The most obvious and effective tactic for controlling illegal, harmful or otherwise suspicious activity online is through diligence and observation! If you possess a better idea than you may in fact be the founder of the next HUGE internet company!

The Stakes Have Changed

More than ever the internet is proving itself to be a valuable component of the fabric that IS society today! It must be protected in order to protect the citizens of the web as well! If this means compromising your privacy online well that seems to be a small price to pay! We all know how effective and efficient the web is for communication purposes but unfortunately so does the 'underbelly' of our society and therein lies the problem! At some point certain proactive measures need to be taken and if you're concerned about your private data being scrutinized than what are you hiding? I'm reasonably sure when the Constitution was originally created that it didn't take the internet into consideration! Folks this is truly a new frontier and we all should tread carefully until we have it all figured out!

Using Technology to Fight Crime

Although it has been proven how technology can be used against us it can 'protect' us as well! It is so important to remember the Web is a public entity and not a place where your private data should be displayed or shared in any way! We're talking common sense here as to the risks you take since the choices you make are yours alone and to which you must be accountable! Undervaluing the need for security and placing your privacy online first is a foolish choice to make and one that deserves your careful consideration!

The recent protests against having our privacy on the internet violated by government organizations monitoring suspicious activity is understandable! Since the inception of the internet, the private data of users has never been publicly compromised, or at least we have never had that claim proven, until now! Like the evolution of the web itself so must the laws and policies governing it evolve as well! In this case it's for the sake of national security and of course your own safety! Let's face it, the world is changing and 'bad guys' can be found everywhere including online! If you want both yourself and your family protected from those who are up to no good, it would seem 'sacrificing' your privacy online is a small price to pay! Besides, isn't it a bit presumptuous to feel anything you do on the 'world wide web' is cloaked in secrecy? The bottom line is if you've got something to hid than don't post your sensitive or private data online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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