Publishing content online is a terrific way to build your business and for many reasons. Possibly the most notable benefit that comes from using content as a way to advertise online is the wide ranging exposure you can receive due to the viral nature of this strategy. Well the exposure is unquestionably a significant benefit but circulating content can help you build your business in 3 other very significant ways as well!

Here are 3 other benefits using content online will present you that directly impact the level of your income.


When you build your business, and this goes for any business, you want to be very mindful of the reputation you are developing. Having a known reputation, be it good or bad, can make or break how well you do and using content allows you to have more control over how your image is perceived. Creating and distributing good quality content can help you become known as an authority in your field and by distributing it freely you will also be regarded as generous as well!


Provided what you publish online is useful and accurate information the people who are exposed to it will most likely share it with others who have similar interests. The same holds true for any product or service that you may advertise online with the content you distribute. If the product does as is advertised satisfied customers will sing its praises but, on the other hand, if it falls short of expectations you have to contend with damage control. Remember, it is hard to develop a credible reputation on the internet but is very easy to damage and difficult to repair.

Positive referrals from satisfied customers is the best kind of advertising you can get and a great way to build your business faster and stronger!

Repeat Sales

Establishing a solid reputation along with plenty of referrals puts you in a perfect position to get repeat sales from your existing customer base. At this point you are now able to take advantage of two very significant benefits. Firstly you do not have to invest the time and cost it may take to generate new traffic for these additional sales and secondly your marketing effectiveness will increase. You can literally build your business on repeat sales alone due to the lower costs involved and the continual referrals you will likely experience!

Publishing content is one of the most effective ways to advertise online although it does involve a bit of effort on your part. The most notable benefit you can expect to achieve from this approach is the massive exposure you can get due to the viral nature of this strategy. The discussion above however reviews 3 other very significant benefits using content can bring any business that directly impacts the bottom line! So if the labor involved in composing information you can use to build your business makes you reluctant to use this strategy perhaps the income it generates will make you reconsider!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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