More and more off-line retail establishments are feeling the ever growing 'pinch' from purchases on the internet! In fact as internet purchases continue to grow many stores and shops off-line are forced to shut their doors! The discussion here is not whether this is either good or bad for the economy but rather the reason for the customers satisfaction with shopping online! Yeah convenience is no doubt a big factor but it is really the sales and marketing strategies being used that have attracted many to shop the internet!

Here are 3 reasons the sales and marketing strategies used online attract people making them feel comfortable with the buying process!

Brand Attraction

People search out what they are interested in and then further gravitate towards particular merchants within the field! This is due to the way marketers position themselves in terms of personal or business branding and product offers! The idea is to 'attract' people and not 'attack' them with aggressive sales and marketing strategies! You're not trying to 'convince' people to make a purchase but rather allowing them to decide on their own!

Bonds Develop

This is due primarily to the effort merchants make in first trying to establish a relationship built upon trust and credibility! The typically pushy sales tactics shoppers normally encounter off-line are not the norm concerning online sales and marketing strategies! Subtlety is the key to not only making the sale but for also maintaining customers satisfaction! In this way people enjoy a pleasant buying experience compelling them to return and make other internet purchases in the future!

Loyalty Develops

The online marketer must place a lot of emphasis on building customer loyalty due to the intense competition found online! Quite simply people can easily go elsewhere to make the same purchase therefore it is up to the individual merchant to cater to each an every potential customer! This is a leading factor as to why folks are making so many internet purchases since they like being catered to and who doesn't? In the end people are given choices from which they can select if they so choose!

The growing number of purchases on the internet can be attributed to a lot of things but none no more so than the sales and marketing strategies that are used! When people go online as opposed to walking into a store they are not 'crowed' by someone pushing them to make a purchase. Internet shoppers already know what they are looking for and in many cases opt for the most pleasant buying experience! Marketers know they must cater to their prospects and in doing so win their trust and loyalty in order for shoppers to make their internet purchases with them! As a result and due primarily to the 3 reasons discussed above that target a customers satisfaction and not just a one time sale,the number of shoppers making internet purchases continue to grow!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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