A quick answer- because they are one of the creative tools we have at our disposal. And this is something that is usually ignored and neglected by the majority. Yet, the questions we consciously or unconsciously ask (often on a complete autopilot) determine our next and nearest destination point or the scope of our upcoming expansion (or contraction).

The questions we ask, involuntarily and automatically focus our attention on the main sponsoring statement about reality, that these questions carry within. In a way, this sponsoring statement is an already made conclusion or definition about existing or possible reality.

E.g. “How do I learn XYZ?” Here, the focus is on the how, i.e. on the tools and steps (it takes tools, steps, and stages to understand what XYZ is all about). Another example: “What would be the most inspiring environment for me where I could easily acquire the main points about XYZ, or where the nature of XYZ would become effortlessly evident to me? The sponsoring statements here are the following. Acquiring XYZ is or can be easy. It is more than possible for me to grasp what XYZ is all about.

The more questions you ask about something, the more focal points you create for yourself that will move you to the very places and spaces where those focal points are located. Let’s bring more clarity to it through a couple of examples.

Below you will see a number of questions the focal points of which I believe are evident. The embedded statements about reality these questions contain are self-evident too.

• Why do these kind of negative things always happen to someone like me?
• Why does this undesirable thing happen at all?
• What did I do wrong?
• What’s wrong with me?
• Why do I have to tolerate these kind of undesirable things?

Another set of questions with different focal points.

• What is there for me to learn?
• How would I prefer to act differently next time this undesirable thing happens?
• Who am I from their point of view anyway?
• How can I prevent this kind of undesirable thing from happening?

And yet another set of questions with completely different destination points.

• What kind of thing would make me really inspired and at ease with everything?
• Who would I need to become first, i.e. what inner identity I need to activate in me first, to start experiencing QWE instead of XYZ on a regular basis?
• What pattern of perfection do I already have in me, that could simply dissolve this kind of undesirable happenings?
• What kind of thing would be one degree better than this current type of circumstance? And two degrees better? And… so good that I totally fall in love with such a reality?

As you can see, from all those examples, questions are your mental navigators or mental magnets for possible and probable realities. Because whether you like it or not, you always move in the direction of your questions.

Is this the only tool we use to create our reality? No, but it is the most available, accessible, and widely practiced one by the majority. More than that, the majority uses this tool unconsciously, i.e. they are not aware they use it.

What are other tools we could use to create our focal or destination points? Intention. But very few have the level of awareness and sufficient training to use this creative tool. Is it possible to learn how to use one’s intention? Of course. But it is a more advanced level that requires high degree of mental and emotional clarity. For the time being, and for the majority, it would be very beneficial to first become really good at choosing and asking the right questions, i.e. the questions that would naturally create desirable focal points and enable one to repeatedly arrive at a desired destination point i.e. desirable reality.

Basically, all questions we ask or may ask fall in one of the two categories: possibility or impossibility of something to happen.

Usually those who we call successful and fulfilled in life have a tendency to ask questions “in terms of possibilities”. And those who we call unsuccessful, and unfulfilled in life, have a tendency to ask questions “in terms of impossibilities”.

A piece of practical advice? Sure. Start asking expansive questions - exclusively from the category of possibilities. On a daily basis, until it becomes effortless and natural for you.

Instead of asking: “how can I not forget it this time?” ask: “How can I remember it already or memorize it right now?” and…so on.

Happy practice! And, no I won’t ask you whether this article was helpful for you. I will ask you: “What would be your first three most expansive questions you could ask about one of your life situations you’d like to shift or transform right now? And... what would be your next three, even more expansive questions? And, three more questions that would automatically focus your attention on the desired outcome?

As you ask those questions, know that you will be simultaneously activating corresponding emotional states, which are your vibrational states, which in their turn will move you towards the circumstances that will perfectly match, support, and expand these vibrational states of yours.

Author's Bio: 

Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling, which includes practical training in various modalities and Psychotherapeutic approaches used in modern Psychotherapy.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

Andriana has been studying Psychology and Psychotherapy from the age of 11 (since it was a natural extension of everything she knew innately). She now does it professionally - for more than 10 years while working with groups and individuals all over the world.