When was the last time you had a full body checkup? You really cannot remember it, can you? The truth is that a medical full body checkup is the last thing on our minds until and unless we fall severely sick and have to rush to the doctor in an emergency situation.

Why Is A Medical Full Body Checkup Important?

You might have heard doctors and health practitioners repeatedly urging you to regularly visit your general physician for a full body exam. What is the importance of doing so? In this article we are exploring all reasons why a regular full body checkup should be an essential part of your life. Let’s put it this way shortly – a medical examination helps you to keep with the condition of your body and manage your health better in the long run.

1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How many times have you heard prevention is better than cure? Even our mothers told us to wear a warm coat in winters or else we would catch a flu. A regular checkup is only a different way of prevention but the intention is same.

2. Timely Diagnosis of Health Conditions

People who have cancer and are diagnosed at stage 1 have chances of survival a lot more than people who are diagnosed of the disease at later stages. Timely diagnosis is only possible if you are habitual of a routine checkup. Symptoms of the disease normally do not show up till alter stages.

3. Family Medical History Rules

If you have a family history of health problems like hypertension, cancer, diabetes or any other genetic issues – it is ideal to have a medical checkup in routine to ensure you are not leading on the family traditional track.

4. Women Are Exposed More To Health Threats

Little is known that a woman is 3 times at more health risks than a man. A woman post the age of 25 years is prone to develop so many health problems. Cysts, problems in the reproductive cycle, fertility issues, breast lumps, vaginal infections and irregular menstruation are to only name a few. Routine checkups help women to stay updated of their body condition.

5. Cuts Doctor’s Expenses

What happens when you fall seriously sick and have to go to the doctor? You have to pay the emergency visit fee, pay for emergency medication and treatment, pay for all the tests and scans that doctor will ask you to get and the mental trauma is another story. A routine checkup will ensure that you do not get caught up in all this trouble and will cut down on the doctor’s expenses as well.

6. Lead A Healthier Life

A regular checkup has no drawbacks but will surely help you to improve your lifestyle and lead a healthier life. A constant insight into the health will keep you motivated to follow a healthy diet and active daily regime to stay in good shape – externally and internally as well.

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