Do you know that one of the biggest factors that affect your self confidence negatively are the negative comments and rejections you face??

People always judge others on continues basis and this affects the self confidence of the person being judged on both the short and the long term.

So if rejections, negative judgments and criticism can harm your self confidence then how can you prevent them from affecting you?

You will be able to do that once you know why people judge others.

Why people judge others:
•The human mind was designed to fill gaps: People assume the intentions of others when they lack information and this leads to incorrect judgment most of the time.

•Our past influences the way we judge others: For example if a woman was betrayed by a man she might assume that any man who acts in a suspicious way is a cheater. Though the man was innocent the woman’s past forced her to judge him negatively

•We relate people’s looks to their personalities: If you met an arrogant person in the past then saw someone who looks like him you might assume that they both have the same personality traits and this will lead to poor judgment

•We believe that others are like us: if someone lies all the time he will find it hard to believe others because he will think that everybody is a liar and so he will judge people incorrectly

•Our beliefs affects our judgment: if someone thinks that all rich people are thieves then he will think that you are a thief the moment he sees your expensive car. False beliefs are a big source of Poor judgment

•Stereotyping highly affects people’s judgments: anybody who has certain stereotypes defined in his brain might judge someone incorrectly based on his looks, race, gender...etc

•Lack of knowledge affects judgment: In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich I said that I still remember how a friend told me once that starting 2knowmyself was a poor idea because people hate to read. Years later when this website made a me a millionaire I discovered that people judge things without having any knowledge.

Do you still feel bad?
Now that you know why people judge others does it make any sense to feel bad when they reject you? Judge you or put you down?

In the previous lesson I said that most people know nothing and now I am confirming what I said.
If you believe in yourself or in a certain goal that you are after then simply put zero weight to the opinion of others, not because you are an arrogant person but because most people do really know nothing.

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