Solar energy is a great solution, but how can we compare it to the conventional fossil fuels, let’s find out to understand the differences better between solar energy and fossil fuels. Solar Energy is an affordable and a viable energy solution but many just don’t realize it yet.

Solar energy is a top renewable form of energy amongst others, which essentially means that because it is sourced from the sun, therefore it is evidently going to last the longest or as long as we would need it, we will not run out of sun to power our lives.

The conventional fossil fuels on the other hand are not re-useable and are running out of the Earth’s fossil fuel stores very fast. The reserves will start refill themselves, that however will take millions of years and it will be too late by the time they can be used.

The access to them is also a serious issue, hence; we may very well be facing a future of inaccessible fossil fuels left to mine from which could be no longer worth mining. So we would have basically run-out of them and fossil fuels will not be a viable energy option. Solar energy on the other hand will be available energy option so long as we exist and can access direct sunlight.

Solar photovoltaic technology is continuously improving and so does our ability to access sunlight and use it to generate energy.

Not to forget the fact we are all aware of the fossil fuels create (CO2) carbon dioxide as a byproduct, which stays in our atmosphere and causes the Earth to retain heat more and longer. The heat retention is leading us to the phenomena wildly known as climate change. Change of weather patterns seen across the world is more sudden and severe primarily due to these emissions of (CO2).

Scientists and climatologists have known these problems for a long time and we are slowly coming to realize this issue. Good news is that Solar panels do not produce any kind of air pollutants and have a very minimal effect on the environment according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA.)

Therefore in order to reduce our carbon footprint, the best way to do it is by switching to the solar energy.
The cost of solar energy is closely linked to the solar panels’ lack of CO2 emissions. While the growth in popularity is pretty undeniable because more Americans want to reduce their carbon footprint by the day and that desire is resulting in the solar energy industry to improve and innovate. Due to these technological innovations, the cost of “Solar Energy System” has decreased significantly by 73% over the last 10 years, as per the report of Office of E.E.R.E (Energy & Renewable Energy) every single year over those 10 years.

It may not be affordable for a lot of people and households as of current times, but it is fast becoming more affordable by the day. And it is expected that the fossil fuels will become more expensive as the reserves run dry.

In 2017, solar energy converted into electricity was with an efficiency rate between 15-22%. That does not sound amazing at first, unless you have a look at the context.

Car engines convert 20% of gasoline into energy; what happens with the remaining 80%? Only wasted heat energy!

Efficiency of coal is 33%-40%, but is a nightmare for the environment in comparison to solar energy.

With solar the remaining 80% of unused sunlight from solar brightens up whatever it touches.

The point is that solar is a long way from how efficient it could be but it is fast getting there, demonstrated by the progress it has made in the recent years. This is the main reason why the cost of solar energy panels will continue to drop and the efficiency to improve.

EIA report says that about 11% of the US’s energy consumption came from renewable energy in 2017 and only about 6% of that 11% came from solar. Clearly there is a lot of room for growth in solar energy industry. The growth is happening as you read, non-stop year-after-year as more people like you come to realize that not only solar energy system is affordable and can save them money on their utility bills but also very much environment friendly.

Therefore; Let’s Go Solar for Better Everything

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