Do you feel it? The shift, I mean. There is a shift happening all around us on the physical level and the energetic, vibrational level. We are changing. The earth is changing. Everything is changing.
One common theme that I notice happening for a lot of people is that their reaction to all of this change is to go into fear. The ego doesn’t like change. The physical conditions (talk of 2012, earthquakes, the economy, the oil spill in the gulf just to mention a few) that are showing up as a result of this shifting is sparking fear in us.
As we know with the law of attraction, what we focus on expands. We can’t solve our problems with the same mind (thoughts and feelings) that created them. What we resist persists so it seems illogical then to worry about dreadful possibilities that lie ahead for our world and life as we know it. Rather if we begin to create our own changes within our own world and within ourselves we raise our vibration and consciousness better preparing us for change.
More and more people are being called to awaken. To start discovering and using their spiritual abilities.
It’s interesting too that when you put yourself on an accelerated path of spiritual growth it really stirs things up. It explodes things and brings them to the surface in such a way that you can no longer ignore them. Basically it can make complete chaos of your life as your personality and physicality work to catch up with the energetic, spiritual part of you. This is similar to what we see happening all around us. There seems to be chaos everywhere on a global level and a personal level for billions of people all across the planet.
When we start a new exercise program our muscles hurt a little bit as we stretch them beyond their comfort zone. As we build our muscles they become stronger. Our comfort zone expands. It is the same as we evolve spiritually. It can be uncomfortable for a bit. The only choice we really have here is to resist the change that is inevitable or to go with the flow. The energy around us is shifting and as we are all energetic beings we are shifting as well.
There are many things we can to do make the process smoother and even faster. From the simplest things like feeling good and focusing on things we are grateful for to partnering and connecting to spirit and deliberately expanding our awareness into love. I highly recommend meditating and using healing modalities to release any limiting belief systems that are standing in your way. You can begin by simply setting a few intentions for yourself. Intend to feel good. Intend to notice things to appreciate. Intend to notice God in everyone you see. Intend to notice and pay attention to your inner guidance. Even these small shifts in perception can begin to create change that feels good.
If you are ready to open to your spirituality and deliberately create your life by tapping into your inner guidance. If you know there is more to life you just need a hand getting there, contact me for a complimentary 45 minute spiritual life coaching strategy session. For more info and schedule send an email to

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Lexie Moon is a Certified Law of Attraction/Spiritual Life coach. A graduate of Quantum Success Coaching Academy and a current student of Coaching From Spirit Institute. Lexie is also an author and host of her own radio show “Outrageous Attraction” on blogtak radio.
Lexie is a student and a teacher of the universal laws that govern our universe. She has been studying universal laws, metaphysics and spirituality for more than 20 years. She has created plenty of contrast in her life. Just 2 short years ago Lexie was suffering from full blown social anxiety disorder and depression. For several years she rarely left her home and never interacted with the outside world. She communicated with everyone through her husband and daughter. She was incapable of even making a simple phone call to order dinner. She had created a life where she was powerless and paralyzed by fear. She is with us today to share her story. Today Lexie has a very different life and she’s going to tell us how she used Spirit and Universal Laws to deliberately create her life anew and how you can too.
Lexie does private one on one sessions as well as live group coaching. Lexie offers
powerful sessions to pinpoint your desires and take strategic steps and actions right on the calls that will catapult your vibration towards the things you desire and identify limiting beliefs that may have you feeling stuck. Lexie will take you by the hand and help you identify how to get from where you are to where you want to be in any area of your life. This is Law of Attraction in Action at it's best.