Everyone wants to feel safe at work every workplace presents its own unique hazards. Employees need to have the skills to be safe in the office in order to prevent injuries. First provide general safety training about things such as fire safety and general hazard awareness, other instruction will need to be industry specific. Basic safety training is an important part of each job in an industry. Safety is as important to an organization as production and quality--like a three-legged stool, each item is vital to a company's success. Safety training helps increase worker productivity and confidence as well as decrease workers' compensation claims due to injury or illness.

Educating employees on the safety rules of the work environment can give them a sense of safety and security while performing daily tasks, which can lead to increased productivity. Another benefit of safety training is a reduction in accident and incident rates, which reflects favorably on an organization. Safety training is also important because it provides a way for companies to document proof that such training has occurred, protecting it from potential lawsuits involving injuries.

With safety trainings workplace injuries can be reduced. Provide safety and skills training, including the use of equipment, proper lifting, working at heights, responding to hazards and other skills used in the construction industry. Safety training, measures and policies can reduce minor accidents on the job site, downtime resulting from injuries, absent employees due to injuries, filed insurance claims and loss of money resulting from investigations into claimed injuries. Not only will this training save money, but it will also save time and allow projects and schedules to stay on track.

Companies are legally responsible for providing the safety skills training mandated for their industry by Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Maintaining records that detail course completion rates and certification status of employees is crucial because it helps pinpoint the safety training that still needs to be addressed.

Continued safety training is important because it helps drive home the dangers of the workplace to all employees, including those who have become complacent performing their repetitive jobs. Work safety training should never be an option. It may not seem important to some employers, but they should realize that without it, their company could face some serious consequences. These consequences could lead to the closing of the company's doors. Safety training is the best way to improve performance or meet regulations. It is essential for the work force to understand the management’s commitment to and appreciation for the overall contribution to the company’s success. The industrial safety training measures adopted within the company empowers the employees with directed handling and the application of specific procedures required for various materials that may be in use. Training the employees about how to handle the equipment and the other facilities of the workplace is very important, to maintain employee and workplace safety. It is essential on the part of the management to ensure that the employees feel confident and secure while handling the complex equipment, which they have to work with everyday.

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