What comes first – Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization and then Search Engine Marketing in that order. Before you go ahead and market your website via the search engines (Search Engine Marketing), you need to first ensure your website is ready to receive the traffic i.e. spider traffic from search engines as well as human traffic. Search Engine Optimization helps ensure your hypertext links are working, your information and content is properly organized and that all your pages are properly interlinked via a functional intuitive menu system. Once this is accomplished, you are ready to undertake Search Engine Marketing.

What will give quicker results - Ecommerce search engine optimization or Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing will give you instant results. The instant you select a Search Engine Marketing plan sold by search engine companies and add a budget to it (via your credit card), your Search Engine Marketing goes live and your website will start receiving traffic from the search engines. But whether the traffic will convert into sales or your goals are accomplished is another matter – but you have a good chance of achieving results if you have followed proper web design standards.

What is the advantage of using a Search Engine Marketing Campaign?

Instantaneous results. When you launch a Search Engine Marketing campaign you know within a matter of hours what works for you and what doesn’t.
Keyword tweaking. A Search Engine Marketing campaign gives you the luxury of playing around with keywords to best see which keywords get you maximum bang for your money.
Webpage tweaking. A Search Engine Marketing campaign gives you the luxury of deciding the exact page on which your customers will arrive. You then know whether that page is helping you succeed in your goals or not. You can tweak that page and improve results in a matter of minutes.
Targeted campaign. A Search Engine Marketing campaign is not a wild goose chase seeking random customers from across the globe. Today you can not only target a small geographic area, you can also set the time when your Ecommerce internet marketing campaign will display the ads.
Budget tracking. Based on customer reaction and your own feedback, you can decide whether you are receiving value for the money you are spending on the Search Engine Marketing campaign and accordingly increase, decrease or halt the Search Engine Marketing campaign.
Test promotions. A Search Engine Marketing campaign is very good at testing out your product or service promotions. Since customers arrive in large numbers you instantly know if a promo is working or not and can take remedial measures.

In my business I always advise my clients to first incorporate good web design techniques, optimize the website for customer satisfaction, set up a promo and then run a test Search Engine Marketing campaign. A test Search Engine Marketing campaign not only ensures your website is instantly indexed (as against a wait of several months), it also gives you a sense of direction and future potential of your website.

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