When it comes to obtaining visibility for your business, television ads, huge billboard signs off to the side of well-traveled freeways, and even the personnel-intensive process of handing out business contact cards, take a distant backseat to pitching your company online and using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to it. This is all for a very good reason, given the return on investment (ROI) this provides. The cost to establish online presence is quite a bit lower than the marketing techniques of the recent past, despite providing you with much more targeted traffic than those comparatively inefficient methods; and it’s only getting better with time.

Taking Advantage of SEO Trends

It’s important for you to understand that despite its great success, pitching your products or services on the web isn’t a fire-and-forget strategy; it requires continuous updates and modifications in order to keep in step with online marketing trends, which encompass several outstanding techniques of optimization at any one time. Consider some of the most powerful of them currently:

Content Marketing: Instead of basing your marketing plan on writing content and giving it away; search engines have rated publishing all this content to your own blog instead as a more powerful indicator for your business in the eyes of their ranking robots.

Social Media: This springboard for your business marketing plans is definitely here to stay, given the proximity it has to traditional SEO in terms of importance. Indeed; it is a close second in terms of popularity; which means that if you aren’t searching directly on Google for something using the appropriate keywords, then chances are you’re reading someone’s tweet or Facebook update on how much they like a product or service.

PPC Advertising: Google owes a large portion of its huge market capitalization to paid advertising; this is how the company makes its living, essentially. Pay-per-click ads are the results that appear just above the organic, keyword-driven search results on every search engine results page, always in a muted, easy-to-see-through color to distinguish it. If you buy advertising space from Google, then whenever someone clicks your banner, you pay Google. As you’ve probably figured out, you want high conversion rates here to really make it worthwhile; this kind of management and oversight isn’t easy, and you would do best to find a company that specializes in running such campaigns – there is great potential to benefit financially when done right.

Online Marketing: Looking toward the Future

The popularity of SEO still manages to increase explosively due to the different avenues it can take; with many of them bursting wide open right alongside technological innovation. The sheer volume of portable web-capable devices, from cell phones and ultra-thin laptops, to Tablet PCs and Smartphones, has made mobile marketing a very promising new avenue of SEO. In fact, recent metrics show that people are logging online with their Smartphones and spending the majority of their time on social networks, which has big ramifications for you if you incorporate a mobile marketing strategy into your marketing plan.

The point is, there are many things to think about when trying to take advantage of the Internet’s popularity for marketing your business.
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