Most home owners will have to depend on a home loan to buy a home and it is a handy option provided you maintain the payments of your mortgage loan in a timely manner. A default in loan will result in the lending company taking away your home from you. The high rate of competition in the mortgage loan segment has set off a spate of loan options to cater to the diverse needs and budget of the home owners.

Second mortgage is often the chosen source of funds for many home owners when they need funds urgently and the equity of their home still remaining huge. This would allow you to borrow more money with the same collateral security. Though it is a popular choice among many, you should be aware of its disadvantages as well.

One of the main drawbacks is that the first lender from whom you borrowed the first home loan will have the right to recover his money by putting up the house for sale in case of defaulted payments. This would leave the second lender in a risky situation as he might not have any resources from which to recover the money. To make up for this high risk factor, the lender might charge a very high interest rate from you on this loan. This would make a second mortgage a costly affair. So, to be on a safer side, it is better to keep the option of second mortgage the last resort where everything fails.

A better option would be re-mortgaging your house, which would keep your risks low. Though second mortgages are handy choices to tide over financial crisis, the borrower will be putting his home at risk by opting for this choice. If the borrower defaults in his payments, the second mortgage could land him in serious trouble. So only if you have a steady source of income should you opt for this choice, which should be managed well to ensure that you are no at loss. In case you are new to mortgage loans, it is recommended to avail the services of an experienced mortgage broker, who will make sure to get you a mortgage loan that suits your needs and repayment capacity.

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If you intend to opt for second mortgage , it is better to avail it from the first lender itself as it can save you money on fees and interest rates. You can do a thorough online research in platforms like LenderStreet Twitter to get more mortgage information and its various options.