Self empowerment refers to the action one takes in order to move from on step to other step which is more or less better than the original state. This is done with the aim of improving oneself and moving to higher standards in life. One the factor to consider in self empowerment is, living in peace with others. This can be done by creating and living a happy life. For this to be accomplished, you must have the know and accept that, in order to attain the same goal with others, there are so many ways in which you can take and in the end come up with the same results. Therefore, we should not be distressed if others practise their own customs or may be they have different views from yours.

In this world, we do live with people who obviously some will always differ in terms of giving opinions. Therefore, we should accept this reality by learning to value and handle views and opinions of others even though they do not side with with ours.

If an agreement can not be reached, then self empowerment will not be attained. We should learn at least to agree to disagree and should put across our views kindly without imposing the views on others. Therefore, physical force should not be applied since different views offer an opportunity for personal development.

Self empowerment is very crucial to your personal development. This can only be attained by avoiding any kind of frustration which can act as hindrance towards its attainment. Some of the causes of frustration include unfulfilled desires. Human wants can never be fully fulfilled to a man’s satisfaction, this will always cause one to keep running up and down without a chase factor, in turn one ends up pitting blame to others hence never accomplishing his or her rightful missions. The aspect of love may also cause frustrations to some people, this is because it does not reciprocate ones fillings. Therefore, we should develop an understanding to the life’s uncertainties so as not to be trapped in an emotional turmoil. Also, it is advisable to understand the nature of life and know that it is governed by conditions that have to be adhered to.

One must also learn how to cope up with stress in order to gain self empowerment. Stress is a force of adequate magnitude to distort the human understanding. Stress has so many negative impacts on the human being. For instance, it can cause ulcers, migraine headaches, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, or even heart attack. If often you encounter stress, your body’s immune system is bound to weaken. This reduces the ability of your body to fight any kind of incoming infection. Stress also causes anxiety, that is, a feeling of tension or uneasiness when faced by danger. This can cause mental illness hence reducing one’s ability to improve life.

Therefore, for self empowerment, you should avoid any kind of frustrations, stresses in order to live well and accomplish our life’s missions successfully.

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