Selling information still remains a very popular and profitable business for many online. There is no denying that promoting software may be sexier but building an internet based business around these low cost products still rocks! Let's examine 7 reasons why!

Content Is King

The internet was 'birthed' by the demand for information sharing, remember the information highway reference? Therefore you know demand is there which is something you need in order to build a profitable business!

Product Pricing is Attractive

Since gathering and dispensing useful content is a relatively inexpensive process, it helps make for such low cost products. With little invested except for time pricing can be kept where these products are affordable to just about anybody, which of course only broadens the demand!

Global Audience

The internet allows you to easily access a globally based population on a 24/7 basis, even as you sleep or play. Since content can be transmitted online there are no shipping hassles or having to wait for product delivery. This is very appealing to the 'instant gratification' mentality that is so prevalent in our society today!

You Are the Source Material

Creation and/or development can be as easy as sharing your own experiences or acquired know-how. Many may think they have little or nothing of value to share but remember, we all have different experiences, acquired skills and even perspectives.

Business Costs Are Low

An internet based business typically has a low overhead since it is not a brick and mortar structure that comes with utilities and rent. Marketing low cost products like information helps to drive costs even lower leaving plenty of room for profits!

Recurring Income

One good quality product that focuses on 'timeless' subject matter can continue to generate you an income well into the future!

No Limitations

Except for your own drive and motivation there are virtually no limits as to where businesses like this can take you. Oh sure you may run out of experiences and accumulated knowledge you can share, but if that is the case you can always resort to doing some research!

Selling information continues to be both a very popular and profitable business for many aspiring and experienced marketeers online. In fact having an internet based business like this makes terrific sense from a cost and benefits point of view as the discussion above hopefully explains! Since demand for these low cost products will continue to be driven by the inquisitive nature of humans it is no wonder it remains such a profitable business!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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