How Could Your Sexting Connection Possibly Go Wrong?

O.K., so you want to send that special someone in your life an extra special message. You whip out your phone and blast out a steamy love note, hit send and then realize autocorrect just messed everything up! Your phone thought you meant fat instead of favorite!

This is just one of the many things that can go wrong when you have that spontaneous urge to shoot out a flirty text . Modern technology is a great thing but sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Especially when it come to sending messages... stupid autocorrect!

Make Your Intentions Clear!

Sometimes it is your fault well, partly. Perhaps the recipient didn't understand what you were trying to say. Maybe you chose the wrong emoji? Was the picture of the large eggplant just confusing? Or how about the worst thing imaginable happens and you send your nude pic to your mom? Or your father-in-law?

Welcome to the worst awkward-moments-of your life club! When the picture you were trying to send ended up everywhere other than where you intended this can be an instant recipe for disaster. The point is, sexting can go wayward but if executed correctly, can be a successful endeavour.

Think Before You Press Send

So you think a nude pic of your masculinity will make your girl all hot and bothered? The harsh reality is that some women are likely to judge, laugh or even become creeped out by your manhood in all its glory. Go figure. Women are tricky. So with this in mind keep it classy, discreet and more on the flirtatious side.

Don't be too revealing let her imagination wanting a little more. Keep it seductive and playful. Let her mind work up a romance novelette in which you are the conquering hero!.

Understand Your Partner's Likes & Dislikes.

Be sure you know where your lady stands. A good rule of thumb is to never sext anything you wouldn't directly say to her. Just because you think it's a great sext doesn't mean she will always agree. Unless of course, she's very erotic and intimate. In that case, use more explicit terms and naughty messages! Send those nude pictures that you were hoping she would want!

But just be careful before you hit that send button. Be in tune with her and know what she likes and stick to it. If she's into spontaneity then go for it! On the other hand, if she is more of a soft-spoken person then it's probably a better idea to stick to the fluffy stuff, like hearts and teddy bears.

The whole point of sexting is to encourage an open,healthy sexual exchange with your love interest. Keep the heat up and the fire burning! It's a great way to spice up any relationship.

Just take your time and don't go crazy with too much all at once in the beginning. It's a skill you will soon master with the proper time and effort. After a few times, you will become an expert. Just like they say practice makes perfect!

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