Have you ever been in a situation where you get a girl’s number and you think everything went well, but when you get in touch with her she never returns your calls?

Suppose she wasn’t a stranger, maybe you met at a barbeque at your friend’s house.

Shouldn’t it be easier to get in touch with her since you have mutual friends?


Not so easy.

What I’m going to discuss here today is why women never call you back. Once you understand this you’ll have a better chance with her being receptive to you and in turn hopefully you get to meet her a second time.

If you read any of my previous articles you know that women get attention from guys several times a day.

You also know that she only remembers the guys who were the most interesting.

That’s right

Even though you might have a good reason to contact her she may not have a good reason to remember you.

Better yet, she may not have a good reason to remember you in a favorable way.

So when you learn to leave the interaction with her remembering you as someone interesting you start to get more success following up with women.

So what can you do to leave the interaction in a positive and interesting tone?

Here’s a really good one.

You make her laugh.


Believe it or not laughing is a good sign in the dating world.

If you can make women laugh instead of having a boring conversation about your job or your mutual interests or even about life you stand a better chance at being remembered as someone fun.

When she starts seeing you as a fun person to be around she’s likely to want to see you again.

Compare that to some that tries to impress women by talking about what they have in common.

How many guys do you think try to connect with her by talking about what they have in common?

Probably a lot.

Just make sure you don’t make fun of yourself. The self-deprecating humor is bad for attraction and don’t overdo it.

I can’t give you a lesson on how to be funny and make people laugh but there are plenty of resources online on how to be funny.

You want to leave her with just enough good feeling to remember you as someone fun, not a clown.

Have you ever read online personals?

A lot of women say they like men who can make her laugh.

So next time you call her it will be easier setting up a hangout or a date. Set up a casual meet up with friends instead of a one-on-one date. This way she also sees you as someone casual and cool. She gets to slowly get to know you instead of having to decide on the spot if she should romantically get involved with you. To Continue Learning More About This Article Scroll Down To The "Autor's Bio" And Click On The Link...

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