In business world, you can’t expect anything to exist without logic. Every single move counts; therefore, it should be carried out with a proper and well defined purpose. Usage of a particular business tool differs from organization to organization, depending upon its needs and demands. If an organization has benefited from a particular strategy or business tool, then it isn’t necessary that that tool will also benefit the other organization in the similar way, until that organization is able to use it properly and professionally.

Therefore, effectiveness of any business tool or strategy depends upon its usage and time of execution. It is also important that to use a particular business tool at the right time with right planning. Logo design is a business tool with phenomenal worth. It has enormous benefits associated with it, but these benefits can only be achieved if it is designed and used adeptly.

Business Logo Design can boost a business in several ways. It is a tool for establishing identity, maintaining communication link between organization and its target audience and serve to promote the business at rapid pace. There are some fundamentals of logo design that must be kept same for all logos. They are important because they make a logo look professional.

Logo design should be easy to memorize; that is, it should get embedded into the minds of its target customers with ease. Why a logo should be easy to memorize? Why it is so important? A logo, which isn’t easy to memorize, it isn’t able to connect with the target audience. Customers don’t buy products, they buy brands, and logo designs help in making brands. Names of different brands look appealing if they are presented in the form of graphic illustration, because picture worth a thousand words. These graphic illustrations can only become a part of your customer’s memory if they are unique and simple.

Simplicity and uniqueness are both important for making a logo memorable. Simple logo designs are easy to understand. Logo only gets a time period of few seconds, during which it has to grab the attention of its viewer. Therefore, a logo should be easy to understand, which will make it easy to memorize. Here, simplicity doesn’t mean that a logo should comprise of only the name of the organization with some simple graphics and no hidden meaning. Simplicity and creativity aren’t two different things; in fact, for a good logo, they should both run parallel. If a logo isn’t creative, then it fails to grab the attention of its target audience.

The second essential quality of easy to memorize logo is uniqueness. Uniqueness simply means to present or say a particular thing differently. Logo is representation of a business. It represents the attributes of an organization or a brand. In order to make it unique, one should present these attributes in a different yet appealing manner. Unique logo designs can instantly grab the attention of their target audience.

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