Most of the proprietors manage their rental property themselves, but hiring a property lawyer can help you keep in check all the routine issues that can happen with the tenant. The lawyer can tackle any unforeseen situation and keep you clear of becoming part of any kind of violation.

Here are a few situations that can happen with a proprietor against tenant in which consulting a lawyer can work in your favour.

For evicting a tenant

If a landlord is facing an issue with the tenants and wants to evict them by filing a lawsuit, it requires proper submission of paper and documentation since it’s the tenant staying at home which is put at stake.The chances of having verdict going in the favour of landlord is less in most of the cases. Therefore, as a landlord, getting ruling in their favour can be difficult. A lot of times property owners try to go through this process by themselves.

However, consulting a property lawyer is very essential especially in case the tenant is consulting a lawyer himself for fighting lawsuit or is an employee working under the property owner, in case the tenant has filed for bankruptcy, these kind of situations can further complicate the matter.

If you are investigated for illegal discrimination by the tenant

If the tenant is suing you for illegal discrimination, then hiring a good property lawyer can prove to be very beneficial.As a proprietor,if you were following all the necessary laid protocols and handling the whole scenario keeping in mind the housing laws and still the tenants are accusing you of illegal discrimination then having a good and reliable property lawyer by your side would be a good idea.

If a property owner proves to be falsely accused, then the tenant is fined and along with court-ordered mandatory actions is taken against the party.

The fine imposed is inclusive of all the expenses made by the property owner which includes fees of the lawyer and other damages that may incur during this time.

However, if it goes another way, along with court orders and fine to be paid to the tenant, the reputation of the property owner get badly affected.

If the tenants sue you for illness or any injury

If the tenant files a complaint claiming that they have suffered an injury or got hurt or sick in the property then you require a lawyer who can help you defend your side.
Handling conflict by their own, by Talking to the tenantwho has suffered a problem will not resolve anything.Thisis where a lawyer can negotiate terms with tenant especially when proprietor believes that he has no role in harming the tenants.

If tenants file a complaint for property damage

Tenants can sue you for failure of maintaining the property, which makes it difficult for them to live. Like leaking of roofs during rains, which soaked and damaged their furniture, in such cases, tenants are mostly looking for compensation and damage control. In such a situation, a lawyer can help you negotiate and settle such a situation out of court or at small court.

Law firms in Dubai

UAE has laid many striking rules and regulation to protect the tenants and the proprietors from any kind of damage or harassment. A property lawyer in Dubai can help in keeping rights of both the parties intact.

In conclusion

Hiring a reliable lawyer by your side is very important they can help you to make the whole process smooth by keeping state regulations in mind. They can negotiate and guide you better for handling the legal process.

A property lawyer or a real estate lawyer helps in safeguarding rights and interest of the client by providing excellent service, but before choosing the lawyer run a background check and go through reviews of the law firms in that area.

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