In today’s hyper-connected world, customers are looking out for new ways to engage with their customers. In fact, the way customers wish to engage with organizations has changed significantly over the years. Today, customers expect companies to comprehend what they need even before they ask for it. However, fulfilling evolving customer requirements has become a daunting task for sales and marketing teams with sales reps spending a significant part of their time in mundane administrative tasks instead of crucial sales activities that can take customer satisfaction to the next level.  

With an innovative sales & marketing tool such as Salesforce integrated within their business ecosystem, organizations can empower their sales and marketing reps to achieve the highest level of customer engagement. Though, Salesforce can be an asset for any organization; it can become costly and ineffective without ongoing Salesforce support, service and optimization. In fact, without continuous support, organizations will have to deal with outdated systems and processes that can no longer fulfill the needs of the organization, resulting in decreased efficiency, as well as productivity

Here’s why ongoing support and service is crucial for making the most of this innovative platform:  

Automation and Optimization: If you’ve dreamed of automating your processes or making some sort of customization using your Salesforce CRM, chances are you can turn that dream into reality by investing in ongoing Salesforce service and support. With an ongoing service plan in place, continuous process improvement along with effective optimization and automation of the system can be achieved. 

Change is Important: Just like the products, services and internal processes of an organization evolve over some time, the CRM system (responsible for managing its processes) should also evolve. By having in place an ongoing support and service plan, your Salesforce instance will evolve and continue to be an asset for the organization. 

Extensive Network of Apps and Technology: As leaders in the Cloud CRM space, Salesforce has an expansive network of app developers who build custom software and add them to the App Exchange marketplace. This allows other organizations to easily find and install these apps to enhance their instance while solving their storage and encryption needs. With an ongoing Salesforce service program in execution, incorporating new apps and tools into your instance can be made easy. 

Quick Wrap-up: 

An ongoing Salesforce service and support program is necessary to certify that you’re attaining the best ROI for your Salesforce instance. However, there are only two ways to make sure your SFDC platform is continuously being optimized and enhanced, one by hiring a full-time Salesforce administrator and the next by outsourcing your support requirement to an experienced Salesforce consultant. Whatever way you choose; you are sure to reap the benefits of ongoing support and service.

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