The name of the app really says it all: Clubhouse. The reality is, Clubhouse is just that -- an exclusive club for members of all communities. Many audio influencers have started their career from the app. And until earlier this year, the app was only available to iPhone users; but now it is also available to Android users.

Is It Worth It?
From our experience, absolutely! Especially as an entrepreneur where you must always be on top of trends and find opportunities to grow your business. If you love listening to podcasts, that’s even better because the structure is so similar. And you can’t overlook the fact that you get to create and/or be a part of communities with like-minded people (and those who will challenge your thoughts), which is an experience, unlike any other social media platform.

That being said, keep Clubhouse on your radar. The app is not going anywhere and if its recent success shows anything, it’ll be booming in 2022. And if you’re looking for a familiar face, join our group, eWomenNetwork, in the app.

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