Solar panels aren’t new. The technology has been around for a very long time. As all of us are well aware, burning fossil fuels to generate energy is not doing the natural environment much good and increasingly brings us into contact with politically unstable states. So now could be the moment to do your bit for the country and put in solar panels to generate electricity!

An electric solar panel uses photovoltaic or PV cells to transform the Sun's power into electricity. The electricity can then run our lights and appliances. A PV panel is built from crystalline silicon. Photons from the sun strike the silicon and electricity is generated using the photovoltaic effect.

I can really only think of 2 reasons for installing electric solar panels. This first one is economic and the other one is environmental. Some people install them for environmental reasons. But unless you are Prince Charles or James Lovelock, most of us will require a sound economic reason to trigger us to make the investment. Eventually, you might find that having solar panels fitted to your home might very well increase it's value. The next owners will certainly be saving money on their electricity bills.

So, we come to some of the benefits you might enjoy if you opt to fit and use electric solar panels. You may decrease your electric bills by around 40% even in UK.

Solar energy is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t discharge any pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Sleep better at night, smug in the warm glow that your contribution to the planet has afforded you. Theoretically, you can actually make some money from the panels by selling excess electricity back to the grid. The power companies are legally obliged to buy this electricity at an inflated rate. Usually around 18p per KW. You are able to store extra energy in batteries and use them during rainy days or when needed.

Solar panels, correctly installed, will last for over 30 years. Needless to say, there are a few things to consider. The solar panels are relatively heavy. You will need to ensure that your roof is strong enough to take their weight. It is definately best to consult a construction specialist for proper structural assessment of the roof. You will need to ensure that you have a clear line of sight to the sun. i.e. no buildings, trees, or any structure will block the sunlight going to the panels. This is to capture the highest possible amount of sunlight to generate more electricity. Visit your local planning authority to check if you will need permission to install electric solar panels.

The price of installing an electric solar system differs and depends largely on their size. A typical 2.2 KW solar panel system is priced at about £12,000. The cost of electric solar panel systems per KW range from £4,000 to £8,000. The costs per KW will decrease as the system size increases. Generally speaking, you should see a return on your investment in around 10 years. So, maybe now it's the right time to think about installing some electric solar panels.

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