Keeping ourselves abreast with general knowledge is very important for our own personal growth. We can better understand the world and take better in public activities which can gain us much experience in life. We can keep ourselves updated and stay aware. A high level of general awareness is only possible if we stay in constant touch with the current affairs around us. We can resort to newspapers, which give us day to day knowledge or the news channels which also provide us with visual impacts. However, if we need to check, how much our general knowledge level is, we need to take up quizzes. They are a fun exercise which proves to be very useful for increasing our general knowledge.

In our schools, our teachers focus a lot on current affairs. They teach us their importance in our lives and a subject is dedicated to the teachings of the general knowledge. Also, there is circulation of newspapers, to help the children to get into the habit of staying connected with the current affairs of India. All these efforts by the education industry are deliberate so that the young students' minds get impression with the importance of general knowledge. They realize that in this world, one cannot survive by staying aloof or unaware. Our economy and world's every other country's economy is based on international trade and communications. This means in order to become successful in life we need to deal with other countries. Hence, we must have a good and sound knowledge of the present conditions there as well as here, in our own country. Thus, these teachings have a positive impact on the students, and many of them get curious to gather more facts and gain more general knowledge.

For all those students, who have a good general knowledge and are in the habit of reading the newspapers daily; they need to take up GK Quizzes. These quizzes are a fun activity where you often have to answer GK questions on various subjects. This helps you test yourself and realize your areas of weaknesses. Also, since a quiz is in a questionnaire format with ascending difficulty level, it becomes quite entertaining to answer the questions.

While, with the help of a quiz you can test your knowledge, you can read the newspapers daily to gain knowledge on Current affairs. This will help you gain maximum information of events taking place all around the world.

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