Teeth that have been knocked out or fallen out due to tooth decay or gum disease need to be replaced, regardless if they are visible in the mouth or not. Choosing not to replace missing teeth can cause a lot of issues with oral health and even cause problems with one’s self-preservation. Visit the best dentist in Anchorage for teeth replacement, or else you could face the following problems in your daily life if you allow your teeth to remain missing from your mouth.

Chewing food

Chewing is extremely difficult to do without teeth. Even if there is just one tooth missing, it can become a difficult task to complete. Similar to how babies and young children are unable to properly chew food, mushed up food will become the only option available to you if you continue to lose teeth without replacing them. For teeth to chew things, there must be one on the top and one directly underneath of that. When there is not, it makes it impossible for food to be ground up and increases the likelihood that it will get stuck in the spaces between teeth.

Shifting teeth

Without a full set of teeth in the mouth, teeth tend to shift and move around based upon their own will. This can lead to crooked and misshapen teeth lines that can negatively impact the appearance of your smile. Having a snug line of teeth prevents them from spreading around and instead keeps them steadily in place.

Periodontal problems

With no teeth to fill in the socket left in the jaw, the gums are more likely to develop periodontal disease or other illnesses. Bacteria will have an easier time in penetrating the surface of gum tissue as the space above the socket will be less thick. Gum disease can be detrimental to the remainder of the teeth in the mouth because the gum tissue is what helps to hold teeth in place and prevent them from falling out. Having gum disease may have been the cause of the first tooth falling out, but it can become worse if not taken care of and result in the loss of other teeth.

Low self esteem

Not having a full set of teeth can damage a person’s self-esteem because after a period of time without teeth the face begins to shrink and appear differently. Having smaller facial features is generally perceived as unattractive, and it may cause issues in how one perceives themselves. Additionally, people that you know may make comments on your lack of teeth that can cause you to feel poorly. A full set of teeth is expected and desired in most cultures.

Jaw volume

As you lose teeth, the volume of your jaw also loses mass. Having a smaller jaw means that the chin will become smaller and the overall face will begin to shrink in upon itself. This creates a very aging appearance, and it is generally irreversible after it has occurred even once the teeth have been replaced, it will still be noticeably different.

How can missing teeth be replaced?

Teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Surgically implanting a false tooth into the jaw can help to improve appearance and practicality of teeth. Dental bridges are another alternative, but there must be two teeth on either side of the missing tooth to secure one with crowns. The final option is to remove all or a partial amount of the remaining teeth and get dentures instead.

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