If you have always thought that only people with back pain or shoulder pain face difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position due to continuous pain, you are certainly missing out the challenges every pregnant woman face. As the months pass and the belly starts swelling, the entire pressure starts falling on the back or feet. That is enough for the discomfort in sleeping.

The adjustable beds have grown in popularity in the last few years for people with spine issues. However, having these beds home when you are pregnant can prove to be equally fruitful as because the natural sleeping patterns are changed during pregnancy.

Let’s get into the details here to understand how the electric bed has contributed to letting pregnant women sleep comfortably.

Prime Discomforts a Pregnant Woman Faces

  • Increasing belly inflation
  • Pressure on the neck and back
  • Acid Reflux
  • Breathing Issues
  • Insomnia

With so many challenges already there for the women to hamper their good night's rest, they need some pillows in their bed to support their body from every direction. The use of electric beds certainly helps them to discard the use of pillows yet sleep comfortably.

Sleep in Zero Gravity Position with Adjustable Beds

Zero Gravity Position - which is originally came from the astronauts is applicable for the pregnant women. It is a position for the astronauts for reliving the stress of earth's gravity in the body during the time of spaceship launching. As pregnant women sleep in the same position, it allows the body weight to be evenly distributed spinal pressure.

For achieving this particular position, you need to lie on your back first and take the help of adjustable features of your bed to raise your legs and keep the head elevated from the heart level. In this particular position, the gravity on your back gets reduced. The weight distribution helps your body to lie in a relaxing condition.

Other Benefits of Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

  • It helps in minimising the pressure pregnant women feel at the lower back, and as a result, you can experience relief from neck pain and back pain.
  • Women in pregnancy stage often experience a lot of pressure on the heart muscle which is also reduced by sleeping in this position.
  • As the legs remain elevated, it further helps in proper blood circulation in every part of the body. So, if you were previously experiencing swelling on your lower body parts, there will be a quick relief from that too.
  • As the head and stomach do not remain at the same level at this sleeping position, the acids cannot come back quickly which helps in reducing the heartburn effectively.


If you have thought that you can easily be able to sleep in this position for the coming trimesters with pillows, you are certainly under an immense misconception. You need an adjustable electric bed to give you the support you need for sleeping comfortably and without causing more neck or back pain. Although, it is always recommended by the doctors to sleep in the side position while you are pregnant, but with these beds, you can also sleep in a flat belly position without any discomfort at all.

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