Content Management System (CMS) is a software application used to handle web content by facilitating many users to contribute to the web content through the process of creating, editing and publishing. A content management system has two main components which are content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA).

Out of both, CMA is the graphical user interface (GUI) component that doesn’t need the expertise of HTML, but still, you can control the design creation, modification and remove contents from the website. CDA takes care of the back-end process offering support to manage and deliver the contents once they are created and finalized in the CMA.

Is CMS for School necessary?

With that technical insight, you might think that a content management system might only be required for industries, colleges, and hospitals. But you may not think that school comes under that list. In this era of digitalization, it has become a need for Schools to maintain their presence on digital platforms and here is where the content management system serves as the best fit.

Key Points to design a website
Having an updated website is an asset to a School. It serves a school notice board on the digital medium. Almost everyone has a smartphone and surf the internet for details. Putting up the vital and necessary information on the website will be beneficial for parents and students. Also, it is a good way to convey information to a larger crowd efficiently. Here are some points to remember while creating a website for your School.


The first impression is the best impression they say. The overall appearance of the landing page needs to be taken care of with utmost importance. Gone are those days when too much verbal and visual content were considered cool. These days simplicity is the new mantra. That starts with the color combinations, layouts and the types of fonts that you use on your website. Visualize the motto of your School and design the layout accordingly. Also, while choosing the color themes, it is essential to consider the uniform color and the color theme that your School follows in general.

Ease of Navigation

When your website is opened, you need to make sure it serves the purpose of being an informative notice board. A notice board is basically full of information. But having a strategy to organize all the information makes it easy for the information seeker to find the information he/she was looking for in the first place. The same fact is applicable to the website as well. Ease of navigation on the website plays an important role in serving the purpose of fetching the information needed.

Quality vs Quantity

To have extensive verbose content doesn’t mean it's good content. Also, having so much visual content doesn’t mean that the website is catchy. It is essential to have the right balance of both verbal and visual content. With that said the quality of the content needs to be scrutinized. Starting from about us information, vision and mission, welcome words, the motto of the school specialties, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities information, sports, scholarships, and contact details need to be crystal clear. When drafting contents for these sections, special care needs to be given to the right message delivered through these contents because they represent who you are and speak for your school on the digital platform.

Adaptability to the gadget versions

Today’s technological advancements leave us in awe. The constant upgrades of smartphones and other gadgets such as tablets, notebook laptops, etc., demands adaptable versions of a website, to be viewed on different gadgets with different aspect ratios. Therefore while designing a website; this adaptability feature needs to be enabled on the back-end.

Engaging Contents

The types of contents apart from the essentials needs to be engaging and have to be updated periodically. Generally, it is a thing in school to come out with yearbook annually. Many artistic talents are in general printed on the yearbook. From drawings, poems, articles, etc. These are valuable content that can go on to your website as they will definitely engage your target audience: parents and students. Having quality and valuable content alone online doesn’t do the job, you need to keep updating it from time to time.


Having portals for students, parents, teachers, and alumni is a good way to manage and convey the information that needs to be conveyed from your end. Back in those days, school diary was used to convey information from teachers' end to the parents. Later, SMS was used to convey important messages. Later WhatsApp was used to keep parents in the loop of the happenings. One more step towards the information technology advancement is the portal and logins. Having portals and specific logins will help deliver personalized information.

Keeping up with the Social Revolution

With information being available for free and in abundance, it has become important to socialize. Networking works wonders. Innovation is the new formula to stay afloat across all domains. Social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc, have evolved from being a mere platform to socialize and share to generate productive outputs.

It is considered to be a healthy practice to maintain your presence on all the social media handles well. Updating the happenings and innovations has helped a lot. Organizations look into all these aspects to confer awards and certifications. So, it has become a need to have regular updates on Social Media platforms as well.

With the above points noted, it is essential to make sure the technical aspects are taken care of as well. From hosting your website on an independent server to shared-server, having an add-on content management system for ease of sharing information on the go, to using the best fit technologies available in the Information Technology industry to fulfill your purpose, you must make sure your website doesn’t crash.


Keeping in pace with technological advancements is a lesson to be learned to keep up and contribute to the growth of the self, organization, and society. Being organized is one of the many parameters that contribute to success. With loads of information to be organized and managed, it is good to make use of content management systems.

Each and every sector these days use different content management systems to have productive outputs. So, whether you already have a website running or are planning to create a website from scratch, you need to check out for the updates and advancements and make sure your website has them incorporated. Presentation matters and when it comes to a website, it presents you to people on the internet. Hence make sure your website presentation is good.

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