Is the United States on your mind for higher studies abroad?

If yes, then you have chosen the Global Leader in The Field of Education.

Out of the top 200 universities in the world, nearly 50 universities are based in the USA, thus being the most preferred choice of study for international students. So, it won’t be wrong if we say that ‘Study Abroad’ is synonymous to ‘Study in United States’.

Let’s browse through a few essential aspects to understand why the United States is the right choice for overseas education.

Most Popular Study Destination in the World
The reason why the USA is the Most Popular Study Destination is because of the lion’s share of top-ranked universities with 4,000 accredited colleges and universities according to all major international rankings. Its top-notch universities have a wide range of programs in bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The universities in USA are also credited for innumerable patents and ground-breaking innovations offering a wide variety of Research-Centric Science and Technology Courses to aspirants.

Flexible Education System
The students aiming for higher studies in the US can apply to different fields of studies depending on their needs and subject of interest. The United States education system is so student-friendly, that it allows the student to select the number of classes to enrol for each semester and when to attend the classes as well. This flexibility in the education system and worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence draws students in huge numbers.

Financial Aids and Institutional Grants
Financial Aids and Institutional Grants are given to the students based on their excellent academic and standardized test scores thus, reducing the student’s cost of education. Financial assistance in the form of full or partial tuition waiver can be availed by International students.

Scholarships for International Students in USA
Many American universities offer grants for foreign students who wish to study at their institution which vary substantially from university to university. You can avail Scholarships and grants based on merit or any of your exceptional excellence. Apart from your academic excellence, an advanced degree in a highly specialized field, your proficiency in sports, cultural activities or a remarkable contribution in community service, may also provide ample chances of winning a scholarship. But we need to keep in mind that Scholarships for international students in USA are highly competitive.

You can get research assistantships, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships depending upon the Universities you apply for and more importantly the program you choose. It is always better to check with each department to which you wish to apply for assistantship.

Internships & Co-ops
• Fulltime or Part-time Internships for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs
• Chances to get full Internships and work for 40 hours a week without registering for classes
(Possibility in select few universities)
Possibility to earn academic credit which will appear on your transcripts
• Co-operative Education Assignments are also given by certain universities which directly relate to your field of study, may last from six months to a year and offer substantive professional work experience

Part Time Work Options
Apart from Fulltime or Part-Time Internships and Co-ops, you can also look out for Part Time Work Options beyond the University Campus to support yourself financially.

From US Student to US Employee
Once you have completed your education in the US, you can apply for the Optional Practical Training which allows you to work in your chosen field for 12-36 months. By the time you reach your mid-career level you can earn a median salary ranging from $ 61,000 to $ 1, 20,700.

So, don’t you think the US is the best option for studying abroad? If just an overview of the quality of education you get, can drive you to apply in the US, then imagine how assured you would be of your choice of studying in the US after meeting Studies Abroad Consultants in Nagpur. Don’t delay it, connect to them today itself.

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Let’s discuss a few essential aspects to understand why Study in the United States is the right choice for Higher Education Abroad.