Value-added resellers (VARs) improve upon a product by supplying additional components or services. This implies they are always tweaking a general product to make it more appealing and beneficial for various organizations. Because of this, value-added resellers are faced with an overwhelming number of product varieties, each with its own set of price and customization options. Value-added resellers need a tool that can assist them in creating sales quotes for items that are both complex and highly configurable. This is when CPQ solutions come into play. VARs can quickly and accurately quote complicated and configurable items with configure price quote software. This streamlines the full sales lifecycle altogether. It is recommended that value-added resellers (VARs) who deal with complex items or products with several configurations use price quote software to simplify the sales process. A B2B eCommerce platform or a business management solution for VARs is the ideal solution to get a top-notch CPQ solution and other integrations to make your eCommerce business a success.

Top Reasons Why VARs Opt for CPQ Solutions

It's a money- and time-saver

One of the primary draws of CPQ systems for value-added resellers is the time and energy they save. By standardizing and improving the sales quotation procedure, representatives are freed to concentrate on closing deals and solving customers' problems. AI and cloud computing are used by today's configure price quote solutions to enhance data quality and make it available from anywhere via any device. Quickly generate professional-looking sales contracts and quotes. Then, it offers predetermined prices and discounts. It's simple to make changes to the quotes, and they're correct. Both the initial invoicing and subsequent renewals are streamlined thanks to optimizations. The time and energy saved by combining these features allow them to be put to better use elsewhere.

Massive Data Sets Are No Problem for CPQ Solutions

The goal of any organization is expansion, and with growth comes more data to handle, which is where CPQ solutions shine. VARs that deal with a wide variety of products and services should have CPQ software; it's not an optional extra. Reps can quickly find the products they need in a sea of options with online CPQ software. It's simple for them to provide clients with tailored price estimates. It's also simple for sales representatives to create bundles of products to sell. CPQ software is your best bet if you have several product versions that require extensive customization.

Remote Access and Reliability

Anywhere you have internet access, you may use cloud-based CPQ software to create and send out sales quotes. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, you can attract customers from all over the world. Your whole set of sales quotes will fit on your mobile device. You can do everything online with just a browser or an app. This makes the CPQ products ideal for use by remote VARs because of their dependability and efficiency.

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