We live on a planet that provides us with food and shelter. It is beautiful and varied, and both amazing and magnificent.

The problem is that I do not think that we are aware of that, and we damage it in so many ways, and yet do very little to help it, because we collectively leave that up to someone else.

We live in a society that is all about waste- we throw out mountains of food every day, we use exorbitant amounts of energy without thought, in our constant search for instant gratification, we continually throw out our toys so that there is room for the new must have product and so on, ad infinitum.

Why would this be a concern you ask? Well, really the point would have to be that there will come a time when we have trashed the planet so extensively that we may struggle to grow food that is healthy for us. Thousands of tons of toxic chemicals have been and still are being sprayed onto the land, and they end up in the water supply that we drink.

Who cares? We take no responsibility for our behaviour and we are creating an environment that our children need to live in and have children in. Do we consciously want to poison our off -spring? And yet we are doing it so readily to the birds, bees and animals who share the planet with us. In our life time, species are becoming extinct because we are devastating their habit and poisoning their food chains.

Who should be responsible? It is our home. Each one of us should take responsibility and take a good look at where we could improve. Do you waste energy? Well have you ever thought that it takes burning coal to generate electricity, and burning fossil fuels to drive that extra mile that you could walk? Both of these activities are destroying the ozone layer which means that possibly in a few generations, sun bathing will be a thing of the past?

Could you recycle more, use less, throw out less, walk instead of drive and stop using toxins in your daily life? If everyone took responsibility for their actions at a grass roots level, then we could collectively make a difference. If you do not buy a product, and enough people agree with you, the manufacturers will change the way that they bring the food to your table. Ask for organic, unprocessed, non-additive, healthy food. It will be better for you and it will help the planet. Eat less meat, grow more vegetables and walk more.

At some stage we need to stand up and be counted before we have done too much damage. Be loud and proud and rise above the crowd- Mother Nature needs us all to become responsible today.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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