Georgia is one of the most amazing destinations to go and have a nice vacation with your family. Its capital Tbilisi is very well known for its amazing architecture, and it's a great tourist place. The country itself is really amazing as it lies under between 2 continents Asia and Europe. Although that's not the only thing that it's known for Georgia is also well known for its colleges.

Well, the reason to consider studying MBBS in Georgia is not very hard to figure out, if you see it's quite affordable and even the hostel fees are not that expensive. Another thing that you will see in colleges for MBBS is that they will give you the best education which is the most important thing if you ask me. There will be many teachers and professors from the world’s best colleges and many guests that will give lectures and take seminars.

You will get all of that with really affordable price, the colleges for MBBS in Georgia will range from anywhere 1 million INR to 2 million depending on what facilitates you will need which is quite affordable if you compare this to the best college in America you will have to pay at least 7.5 million INR.

Some Key Features of MBBS in Georgia

Every college in Georgia takes its new batch from starting October only.

Qualifications Required
The qualifications that are required to apply for MBBS in Georgia is that you must be inter pass that is your (10+2) and should have at least a score of 50% in PCB, which is quite okay if you ask me and not so hard to get. If you want you can get in with more easily with your IELTS and TOEFL score.

NEET Score Required?
There is a NEET score required if not then you should be able to get in with your IELTS and TOEFL too.

Fees structure
The fees per year can get anywhere from 5k USD to 8k USD per year, depending on what college you are applying for. You may or may not get scholarships benefits so that can also help you.

If you want to stay alone that also you can do which will cost you a lot, but for every foreign student there will be hostels provided. They can cost you 200 USD to somewhere near 260 USD per month.

The lecture is instructed in English only so everyone can understand it, whether you are from Georgia or somewhere else.

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MBBS in Georgia - Georgia has become the preferred destination Indian Students India and other nation