You have always had good dental health habits -- you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and stay away from sugary snacks. You know you take good care of your mouth, and you aren't having any issues or any pain.

But if you aren't visiting your dentist, you are missing out on an important part of your dental health!

It is recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year, and there's a good reason for that. Changes in your oral health can happen quickly, and it can be much less painful (and much less expensive) to take care of these changes when they are detected early. Here are other reasons why you shouldn't neglect that trip to the dentist:

1. A good, thorough cleaning. Your dental hygienist will give your teeth a good cleaning to get rid of plaque and will remove any plaque that has built up into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed at home by brushing and flossing. It has to be removed by a hygienist using professional dental tools.
2. A professional polishing. After your teeth are nice and clean, the hygienist will use professional tooth polish to remove surface stains on your teeth.
3. Your dentist will check your gums. Gum disease is very painful, and can be serious if it isn't treated. Your dentist will use a special tool to check the spaces between your teeth and gums -- lots of space between them indicates gum disease. If you have any signs of gum disease, treatment should start right away.
4. Your dentist will check for tooth decay. If you do have a small cavity, it will be more easily fixed than a large one (not to mention that taking care of a cavity when it is small is much less painful than taking care of one that is bigger!).
5. Your dentist may discover you have other health issues. Many diseases, such as oral cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and even heart disease, show oral manifestations. Your dentist is an expert at noticing things that aren't right.
6. A dental exam can detect poor nutrition. If you aren't eating properly, your teeth and gums will show it.
7. Your dentist will check to make sure your jaw is aligning properly. If your jaw is out of alignment, this can lead to headaches and pain in the jaw joint.
8. Your dentist will examine your face, neck, and lymph nodes for any abnormalities.
9. Maybe you aren't caring for your teeth as good as you think you are. Your dentist or hygienist will be able to show you parts of your mouth that aren't as clean as they should be.
10. Poor dental health can lead to more serious problems. Many researchers believe there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. It is thought that bacteria from gum disease travels from the mouth to the heart through the bloodstream, where it latches on to the heart's blood vessels. This can cause deadly blood clots. It has been shown that pregnant women with gum disease have babies that are pre-term and low birth weight.

As you can see, a trip to the dentist every six months is important not just for the health of your teeth, but for your overall health as well. It is also important for the health of your bank account -- when it comes to dentistry, catching problems early means there is less cost involved to take care of them.

And when it comes to that dentist's visit, don't forget that Cloverly dentists are best for regular treatment. The experienced and caring staff at ICC Smiles is more than happy to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy!

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