QuestNet is one of the most sought after MLM Company by people who wish to gain money through direct selling. The company is also known to be one of the most popular direct selling companies itself. The simple strategy of the company was to sell. It has catered to people in starting their business perfectly without the usual inventory worries. The company has been active since 1999 and has so far generated a huge member base for itself till date. However, lately, there have been innumerable allegations about QuestNet scams and Questnet frauds. While some of them unknowingly start believing the rumors and allegations, I as a loyal member believe that the entire scam allegation is farced.
QuestNet scams and fraud rumors were started probably by rival companies who like QuestNet started their direct selling business but couldn’t quite get the start up that QuestNet got and hence they decided to disparage the reputation of QuestNet by spreading false rumors that the company hasn’t remunerated the members properly and has hasn’t delivered anything that it promises to its members Being a member, till dateline never faced any such problem. The entire journey that I had with Questnet so far has been brilliant, loyal and impressive. The direct selling company has indeed remunerated me as promised. I honestly don’t get it why a few other members like me of Questnet cannot understand the ploy of rival companies and instead fall for such rumors. The fraud claims are baseless and inappropriate by all means and don’t really make any sense or shouldn’t really matter to existing members as well as members who wish to join Questnet in the future. The company is 100% genuine as it has been in the business for over a decade especially at a time when MLM companies hardly existed.
Also it is a known fact that most of the MLM companies are already generalized as scam companies. The myth has existed in many countries including India. The common misbelieve is that MLM companies work on pyramid selling which is considered to be illegal in any country. To be honest they don’t understand that in a company like QuestNet, it is a win situation for everyone, from the company to the employers to the people referred by the members. Moreover, Questnet Scam have so far never encountered any legal complaints from any members facing problems on the working of QuestNet.
A few rumors about the Questnet Scam have also been started by few members probably who couldn’t quite capitalize on their investment at QuestNet and suffered losses. This might have tempted them to spread rumors to disparage the company altogether. On the bright side, there have been a few members whom I came across who believe that all these scam complaints are plain rumors and a strategy to downslide the company’s image and let other company spring up. As far as I know, the company is no doubt one of the most sought after MLM companies and will always continue to be there on top even if few wish to defame it.

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