Today, Magento has become amongst the most well-known e-commerce website solutions available in the market because of its services and features. Now, because of the coming of Magento 2, different types of responses are from the Magento community. Certain people feel excited and happy for the changes, whereas others asking if they actually required to upgrade to Magento 2 from Magento 1? Nevertheless, they can already have what they require from Magento 1. Magento is having around 6% of the e-commerce market share and the numbers are increasing, particularly after the Magento upgrade.

Why Should You Migrate to Magento 2?

If you are already using the Magento 1 for the online store at the moment, then it would be better to upgrade to Magento 2 rather than upgrading the Magento 1 to its newest version, particularly if you are still using the older Magento 1 version.

Certainly, Magento 2 has many benefits compared to Magento 1. Magento 1 was created to be a supple platform. You can freely create your online store having all the functions you need, either by purchasing and using the pre-made additions from the market or create a new one from scratch. It is also amongst the key reasons behind the popularity of Magento.

Now, let’s go through some main advantages which you will get from the Magento 2:

User-Friendly Checkouts

Related to Magento 1, the consumers will have easier times while doing the checkout procedure in Magento 2. The procedure is an easy-to-understand and straighter. The consumer can do that in only a few easy steps. If the customers search products without logging-in first or in case they still haven’t created an account then they will become redirected to guest checkout screens whereas they may enter the email address as well as register as customers. However, in case they are already registered but forgot to log in, then the system will repeatedly identify the e-mails as well as they can investigate with the already saved details in one single step.

Quicker & Superior Performance

If you have already spent ample efforts and time to improve the performance of Magento 1, then you will certainly be happy to know that website performance is amongst the main attention of Magento upgrade service. If you compare, Magento 2 runs 20% quicker than its forerunner. We all know that speed is extremely important while comes to an e-commerce website. A quicker site encourages higher sales and conversion as well as it is good for the SEO also.

Superior Admin Interface

The checkout page becomes more user-friendly in the Magento 2 and the same can be said for the admin interface. The admin interface of Magento 2 is specially designed in a user-friendly way for reducing the time required to handle the store as well as it becomes easier for the staff to study how to utilize it quickly.

Extensive Options with Superior Extensions

In place of Magento Connect, you can use the Magento Marketplace for looking at the extensions of the Magento 2 store. The extensions sold on the website have been checked and monitored precisely by the Magento developer team. It means that all the extensions go through a severe review check and approved by the expert team before appearing in the market.

Among all these available new extensions of Magento 2, the two main inclusions have to be PayPal as well as Braintree because both these are the most well-known online payment platforms in the world. Also, you can take benefit of Cybersource and Worldpay extensions to improve the security of your online store. Therefore, it’s important that you use them very well.

Mobile Responsive Design

Today, responsive is the word for any e-commerce store’s success. An online store has to work fine on mobile devices also and not only in the desktops. And that’s the reason why Magento 2 has mobile responsiveness features incorporated in it. It comes with responsive themes as well as mobile-friendly checkout systems with integrated video features. Even its admin panel is touchscreen-friendly; therefore you can certainly manage your online store from the smartphone or a tablet.

Consistent Updates

If you are using Magento 2 as the key e-commerce website solutions, then you don’t need to concern that you might fall behind because the system gets an update every 3 months. That’s how; you can constantly stay updated with modern technology to keep the customers happy.


Magento 2 is worth spending all your attention and time. This has all the advantages which you could get from Magento 1 with quicker and superior performance. The procedure of Magento upgrade service from Magento 1 to Magento 2 isn’t an easy process; however, it is not much hard either. In case, you are tentative that you can’t do that yourself, then you can always take help from the professionals!

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Krunal Padmashali, Director of MagentoGuys & Viha Digital Commerce Pvt Ltd. I live in Ahmedabad, India. Having 9+ years of experience in Magento, Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop and deep interest in e-commerce development, online marketing as well as complete business automation and solving the issues through the latest IT technology. I love to enjoy music and traveling.