Lubricants are essential to the smooth operation of heavy-duty industrial machines. Over the past few decades, as the awareness regarding the importance of lubrication filtration has increased, more and more industries have started using lubrication and oil filtration systems.

The lubricants used to ensure the machines are functioning properly are not exactly cheap. Rather, the synthetic oils used are extremely expensive which is why there is a need to conserve them by preventing contamination and the accumulation of dirt and debris.

However, the cost of filtration systems is also very high which is why many companies are now opting for portable filtration systems. Due to their low cost, high efficiency, and seamless functionality, portable filtration systems are now becoming a top-selling product amongst the manufacturing plants in particular.

Rather than wasting the lubricant and investing in a new one, industry technicians are now using portable filtration systems that save a lot of money and raise the quality of the machines’ performance. The best part is, these systems are easy to operate which is why there is no need for third-party involvement.

Portable Harvard Filtration Systems

Portable Harvard filtration systems are one of the most commonly used portable filtration systems on the market. They are compact in size but provide high-quality filtration.

As compared to other full-fledged filtration systems, the Harvard filtration system does not require dedicated space and expert users for administration. This makes these portation systems a must-have for the factories that deal with lubricants and machine fluids regularly.

However, before you purchase a portable filtration system, it is important that you know the fundamentals of lubrication contamination control and have a sound filtration system in place.

In this blog, we have listed some of the benefits of a portable Harvard filtration system and have explained how it can help you save money.

High-quality Filtration

Harvard filtration systems have been designed to provide high-end and efficient filtration. They can filter dust and debris to a single micron. The filtration process properly filters the liquid and ensures that it is as good as new after it runs through the machinery.

The portable filtration extracts all the contaminants from the fluid until it achieves single micron quality to the fluids so they can minimize wear and tear.

Moisture Removal

The lubricant undergoes immense heat and pressure as it makes its way through the machine. As a result, water vapors are mixed with the oil undermining its performance and quality.

These vapors act as small air pockets in the fluid body becoming a risk to the machinery as well as the lubricant. Harvard filtration system makes sure all the moisture is thoroughly removed from the system.

In addition to this, it also removes glycol from the lubricant. Glycol is a coolant used in industrial machines. Sometimes it leaks into the lubricant. Having outdated glycol running in the machines also poses a threat to the machines’ performance and overall life

Easy To Transport

Normally, industries have more than one heavy-duty machine running at a time. Since all machines require timely lubrication filtration, it can be very costly to implement a permanent filtration system for each machine.

Hence, at this point, a Harvard filtration system plays an important role. Since the machine is small in size and is portable, it can be moved from one place to another without any issue. This not only makes the filtration process easy but also makes it extremely economical and pocket-friendly.

Minimal Waste

These portable filtration systems are equipped with waste collectors of their own. Hence, all the hazardous waste that comes out of the lubricant is collected in the waste disposal so that it can be disposed of safely later on.

The waste collector is very easy to use which makes the cleaning process easy and convenient for the technician.


Depending on the type of filtration process you want to employ, you can get your portable Harvard filtration system customized. You can add a number of different equipment and accessories to your Harvard filtration system.

This ensures that the system caters to the filtration needs of the machinery installed in your facility. It ensures maximum utility and improved performance.


Last but not least, portable filtration systems are extremely cost-effective. There are many filtration systems on the market, however, the ones with high utility are very expensive. This is where Harvard portable oil filtration systems stand out.

On top of being compact and reasonable, they provide high utility and a great overall performance. They are one of the leading industrial oil and lubrication filtration systems on the market.

If you have heavy-duty machines in your industrial unit and are planning on implementing a foolproof filtration system, the Harvard filtration system is the answer to all your problems. Visit our website to view a full list of products we offer.

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In this blog, we have discussed in detail some of the benefits of a portable Harvard filtration system and have explained how it can help you save money.