WordPress was launched in 2003 as a free and open source for website development and today is being recognized as the most popular used CMS and almost 25% of the websites on the Internet are made on ‘WordPress’. Also, it has very much more to offer than a just blogging tool. Still, there are many things that come to mind when making a website thus below are some reason’s which shows that why should you using WordPress.
A platform of free Services
This word-press is a free platform for everyone one can easily access it sources code and also install it from its official Website. It is open source software which is free to use, edit and distribute.
Although any hosting company will provide a one-click download for WordPress. But it is still free if one likes to use it than one can.
Create Any Website You Wish
WordPress platform lets you built what you want thus making it website friendly. As it lets you built almost every type of website such as-
E-commerce Website
WordPress offers many e-commerce website themes for free which can be applied in any website you are making. WordPress is powered through Woo-commerce and WP e-commerce. Thus offers many good websites for e-commerce.
Membership Website
WordPress offers very good theme for membership website’s and is also having very platform themes for digital marketing and digital services being offered.
WordPress also allows permissions for many users depending upon their authority on the website such as an administrator, author, editor, contributor, subscriber etc.
Here almost every form of website is being supported such as-
Blogging Website
Directory Website
Membership Website
QNA Website
Video Website
e-Commerce Website
Knowledge-based Website
This is also having a library of themes for all these kind of websites so that person could a Website easily.
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Almost 99% Of Website is SEO Friendly
This says the website’s layout and the formatting of the websites are also SEO friendly as Google also checks whether the website’s layout is easy to understand or not if it is easy to understand then the rank of the website increases and the website comes in top subjects or the page rank increases.
Google will rank a website according to different parameters when all those parameters are fulfilled then the website rank will increase.
Apart from all this WordPress also includes many SEO plugins that help in making the website much SEO friendly.
WordPress Is Much Easy To Use
WordPress popularity major part goes to its ease of use as it does not require any form of coding or any computer language knowledge thus making it much easy for a normal to make changes to its website.
WordPress includes many in-built features which offer many things such as-
Blog Publishing
User Management
RSS Feeds
Apart from this, there are many other things that allow WordPress users to do and make their Website better such as-
Easy Customization
WordPress Community that helps in Trouble Shooting

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