People across the globe are fascinated by wine and for many it is a favourite beverage. During the early days, wine was served on occasions. But now people love to have it whenever they desire. This automatically increased its production. Traditionally, it was stored in strong oak drums. Presently, Stainless Steel Wine Tanks are being used to age the wine to enhance its flavour and taste. Winemakers are now finding steel drums to be much more economical. They suspend oak chunks and chips inside the tank to enhance unique oak flavour.

Benefits of choosing stainless steel tanks

By choosing steel wine drums, winemakers are able to enjoy dual benefits.

  • Firstly, they develop the capability to age wines without requiring including oak flavour.
  • Secondly, oak chips can be included within the steel barrel to derive precise ‘oakiness’ amount desired.

By introducing stainless steel barrels in the wine making process, winemakers can now experiment as well as develop new flavours. For example, white wine can now be produced by avoiding oak exposure. Moreover, wine development within the Stainless Steel Wine Tanks China can be monitored easily. Wide variety of grapes and yeasts can now be used from different parcels. Wines can also be blended including tank and oak fermentation in different ratios. It helps derive unique flavour and optimizes complexity. New wine styles can also be created due to added flexibility.

Using the stainless steel barrel, winemakers can do away with issues previously faced like floating lid combined with failure-prone gasket. Hot water can be used to clean the steel barrels. Then steam is used to sterilize it. These are designed to fit seamlessly within the standard wine racks, while being easy to manage. A good number of winemakers prefer fermenting wine within tanks that are temperature controlled. They also age on lees, but without oxidation or oak influence. This particular process allows greater interaction with lees, thereby producing more complex or rich flavoured wine. More lees contact is possible in smaller barrels.

Stainless steel tanks are used for fermentation purpose. it is also used to store win ‘off-cuts’ under topping-up and gas barrels as well to experiment with flavours. Such barrels are used to transport wines in small volumes.


Contacting reputed companies like allows wine producers to choose custom size tanks. 304/316 stainless steel is used to create most wine barrels. It is then fabricated by adopting hydro-formed product technology. As hydraulic pressure blows them into shape, they are smooth, come with crevice-free surfaces and are hygienic. You can find stainless steel barrels in different capacities like 5-55 US Gallons. Steel thickness of this barrel is if 20-16 gauge which is 0.9-1.5mm.


Generally wine is produced in good volumes and requires barrels for storage purpose. Stainless steel drums are undoubtedly economical when compared to oak drums. Moreover, oak drums can be used just once or twice to store wine since wood has short lifespan and tends to lose flavour. On the other hand, stainless steel barrels can be used repeatedly for years, thus being a natural affordable choice. You just need to invest once and enjoy using it for a long time without any worry. But make sure to order them only from well-established Stainless Steel Wine Tanks Factory.

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Contacting reputed companies like allows wine producers to choose custom size tanks. 304/316 stainless steel is used to create most wine barrels.