When we talk about Digital Marketing today, many people think directly on social networks. These communication channels are a recurring them in famous publications, the subject of various conferences and the subject of innumerable books. In the end, what are the characteristics of social networks and why are they important for Marketing?

Our traditional media are TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and advertising. Something in common in all of these? They are means of single track, one side speaks and the other only listens. With Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogs and many other sites, we achieved quite broad media and a great difference from traditional media: everyone has the right to show (as content producers) and to have a voice (as consumers). That is why social networks are the means of communication for everyone.

People are committed more to have space and constant interactions and the message gains more credibility, because the speaker is an acquaintance in whom we trust. It is not like that advertising in which the company has an interest in making you buy your product. In social networks, you can see someone making a recommendation, usually without any commitment to the company. It is word of mouth in expanded proportions.

In a quick visit on Twitter, for example, it is easy to see that people think about brands and products. The decision to be on social networks is independent of the company: people decide if they are going to talk about it. And if they speak, they are the ones who decide whether they speak well or badly.

However, a company that thinks about results in Digital Marketing must optimize its presence on the Internet. The role of Marketing is to understand and serve the market. Social networks enhance the capacity of any business to better understand the needs of its customers.

To better understand the market, the company must monitor what is said about it, its products and its competitors. It should extend its communication channels to social networks, allowing the user to get in touch and talk more about their needs. You can also boost your website by using the best smm providers like justanotherpanel. It will helps your site to gain subscribers, followers and clients.

Having a great product is important to serve the market. However, you can also attend to it by providing useful content for the user, through the profile of your company on social networks. In this way, you can be providing the ammunition that users need to spread your message.

The only problem is that each social network has its small rules and addresses them in the same way that companies face traditional media, increases the possibility of failure of such action. Even so, many companies apply this methodology.

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