Why is it that some people are more successful developing a profitable business on the internet than others? Many feel they possess the characteristics of an entrepreneur and thus take to the web in search of fame and fortune yet they tend to fall short of success in their attempts to do so!

Let's take a closer look at why some people are able to develop a profitable business online while others are left scratching their heads!

Willing to Take Chances

Dreaming about building a profitable business is easy but with so many unknown variables involved this leaves many at the starting gate! People often view the unknown, understandably so, as a needless risk to be avoided! Whether it's fearing failure, looking silly to their peers or perhaps leaving their comfort zone, it is common for most people to not take action on their dreams! One of the most dominant characteristics of an entrepreneur is their disregard for possible or reasonable risks! They tend to have a vision or develop an idea for the purpose of 'running with it' and not dreaming about it! Does this sound like you?

Willing to Learn

Never expect or assume that once you do take action towards earning an internet income that you already know all you'll need! Almost from day one you'll find there is always more to learn simply to stay competitive and your reluctance to embrace this fact merely guarantees you'll fall short of success! In order to build a profitable business you must be ready to address the dynamic nature of the internet itself along with the scope of competitiveness this global environment presents! This calls for your further and ongoing education, you game?

Willing to Wait

Are you patient enough to keep investing your efforts without seeing any 'earth moving' monetary results! Believe me it will take a bit of time to develop a profitable business on the internet primarily because you'll need to gain exposure, trust and credibility from people first! How the hell else do you expect they would be willing to spend their money with you!

Certain people tend to be more successful than others when it comes to building a profitable business online! The discussion above focuses on 3 subtle characteristics of an entrepreneur that many either don't possess or fail to employ thus leaving them short of success in terms of making good money! Upon closer review these characteristics are NOT talents nor are they gifts entrepreneurs are born with but rather can be developed by anybody! It all comes down to how badly you want to taste the sweet success of having your own profitable business on the biggest stage the world has to offer!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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