Want to use a recruiter for your job search? That's great, though going this route will prove frustrating in many circumstances for many job seekers because most job seekers are never going to get a response.

Why the lack of response? It's not personal; not at all. In all actuality, it's typically not even your resume format nor is it the very specific verbiage within the document that job seekers drive themselves crazy about.

Some of the reasons that job seekers never hear back or, even worse get blacklisted with search firms include, but are not limited to:

1) Some job seekers think that it is slick to contact the CEO directly. Not only is this maneuver tacky, it is counterproductive because the CEO of a company oversees operations of the entire firm while the recruiting divisions are the ones in the trenches who really know the daily swings of the job market.

People mail me the most obscure things to get my attention; they look foolish. The latest was an oversize sombrero with a cheesy catch phrase that went straight to the trash because it did not show creativity and what the heck I am going to do with a sombrero? It showed a lack of rational thinking and received a lack of response.

2) Some job seekers keep applying to the recruiting firm thinking that this persistence will get attention. However, it does the exact opposite. At most, apply two times in two months, then stay away for another 5 or 6 months.

Otherwise, you look desperate. I do understand that it is hard out there, but illuminating the fact that you are having trouble only hinders your chances of every getting a call back.

All nagging and constant email spam will do is make the recruiter hesitant to put you in for a job that does fit (when and if it comes around) b/c you appear unpredictable to them and may act irrationally to their client, thus risking them loosing an account.

3) Calling up the firm and being rude because nobody returned your vm. I do understand that it is frustrating to get in touch with recruiters regardless of whether you email or call.

Many recruiters are not the most professional people, but learn to think of it from the recruiter's prospective and you'll be ahead of the game.

The majority of headhunters are paid so little that this lack of compensation drives them to only want to give a moment of attention to those that can possibly make them a quick buck because their employers starve them.

Nothing ever gets done by being rude to people whom you are asking help from.

4) Applying for positions that don't fit your expertise. Clients of recruiting firms are not helpless, they can find people themselves, but to find specific applicants is a lot more difficult and that's why they go to headhunters. If my recruiting firm was to present applicants that don't even clearly fit their needs, many get livid.

It's just the way it is. However, knowing this should help you strategically apply with recruiters from here on in.

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