Talking too much is one of the the most common bad habits. Discover the reasons why people talk too much. If you are guilty of being too talkative, learn how you can break this annoying habit.

We have all met people who talk a lot, who never seem to run out of things to say.

Have you ever wondered why some people talk so much?

People who make conversation easily never seem to worry about what they are going to say. They often seem to be brimming with confidence and they don't seem to worry what other people think of them.

What is the reason some people can talk and make conversation so easily?

This is a topic that I have researched for a long time. I have discovered several reasons why some people to talk so much. Here are some of them:


Many of the people who easily make conversation are born extroverts. They are very outgoing and they really enjoy being around other people.
Extroverts would much rather be in a group of people than be alone.

Not everyone is an extrovert.

Some people are introverts by nature. This means they really enjoy being alone. When they are in a group of people, they may be quite quiet as a way of feeling more peaceful.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Having good self esteem and confidence can make it much easier to make conversation with others. When people truly have good self esteem, they don't worry very much about what other people are thinking about them, and they don't worry about making conversation mistakes. This makes it easy for them to talk easily and freely.

People who have genuine self esteem and self confidence usually have no desire to monopolize the conversation. They are interested in hearing other points of view.


Some people talk a lot because they are very arrogant. Even though they may give an initial impression of confidence, they are simply very conceited.

These people are very impressed with themselves and their own sense of self importance. They believe that everyone is also impressed with them as well.

In many cases, people are not impressed with them, but the arrogant person keeps talking and talking because he thinks he is the only one whose opinion is important. They would never truly listen to anyone they are talking with.


Some people talk and talk not because they are confident, but because they are very anxious. By talking and talking, they can keep their mind occupied so that they don't notice how nervous they are. They also hope that nobody else notices that they are nervous.


There are people who keep on talking because they don't pay attention to social cues. They don't notice when the other person they are talking with wants to say something, or wants to leave. They don't listen to the other person and they don't care to hear about their opinions or experiences. Talking to a person who lacks sensitivity is very frustrating.

How can you tell whether you are a person who talks too much?

If several people have told you at different times that you talk too much, it's probably true.

If you keep being told that you talk too much, what should you do?

The first thing you should do is start paying more attention to your behaviour during conversations. Are you making a point of listening to the other person? Do you leave space for the other person to talk? Do you let them finish their thoughts without interrupting?

Do your comments relate to what the other person has just said, or do you just jump into your favourite topics no matter what the other person is interested in?

You can keep your conversations better balanced by leaving more space for the other person to participate in talking.

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