Most of us reading this article may have experienced some form of "spiritual healing" or spiritual clearing in our lives.

This healing work may have been in the form of prayer, Reiki, Quantum Touch, karma clearing, other forms of hands-on healing, angelic healing, spiritual ascension activations, etc.

All of these forms (and many others) are very valuable, because they help us get to the spiritual root of any challenges we are facing.

The roots of our challenges in life always emerge from the non-physical parts of ourselves, eventually showing up in the physical world of experiences.

They emerge from our thoughts, our emotions, and from our unfinished soul business (our karma from this and past lives).

Spiritual healing and clearing work ultimately assumes that nothing is really ever happening "to us", but that we are creating and drawing all conditions to ourselves based on what our soul is subconsciously processing.

Some people do not notice any changes when they engage in spiritual healing and clearing work (at least initially), and this experience may cause them to doubt its helpfulness.

One reason for not feeling shifts may be because we do not understand what is meant by "shift".

We may come to spiritual healing and clearing work expecting it to fix our problems, rather than to change us from the inside.

So if we judge the helpfulness of the work by whether our external conditions immediately change, we are missing the whole point, and may doubt the work is effective at all.

Another reason why spiritual healing and clearing work may not seem to be working is that we have not sufficiently developed our inner sensitivity to energy.

If we do not have a spiritual practice, do not meditate consistently, are not in touch with our feelings, are generally unaware that our lives are being lived from our state of feeling as it projects outward into circumstances and conditions -- in other words, being in touch with the very basis of metaphysical healing principles -- we may not notice immediate shifts brought about by spiritual healing and clearing work.

The last major factor that may limit the effectiveness of spiritual healing work is that we may be so used to living life through our negative ego sense -- through stress, striving, forcing things to happen, struggle, and tension -- living life unconsciously operating from the perspective "life's a bitch and then you die", the world is unsafe, "the only sure things are death and taxes", there isn't enough, everyone's out to get me, etc., -- that we may have built up massive walls to our connection to our Infinite Potential.

Our negative ego sense believes we are limited, stuck, and defined by our past story and by our physical bodies. These types of beliefs are shared by most humans, and they explain why most humans do not fulfill their unique potentials.

When we are stuck in fear and limitation, we are denying the existence of God.

We are denying that there is something larger than us that we can plug into for Infinite Power to create Good.

All of our limitations are ultimately self-imposed by our ignorance of the Power of Spirit that is always available to us.

When we begin to open up to Spirit, to release, to "let go and let God", we actually start to let the Innate Goodness of Life heal us.

And as we allow ourselves to become healed by our connection to the Infinite, our circumstances become healed.

Practically-speaking, when we meditate, pray, chant, practice yoga, qigong, or dancing, hike, spend time in Nature, breathe deeply, practice mindfullness, eat high vibration foods and herbs, seek joy as an internal state of awareness -- when we do these things, we start to become available to the Things of Spirit, we get out of our own limited way, and we start to avail ourselves of the benefits of spiritual healing and clearing work.

God cannot go where we say "no". We limit God through our tension, our stress, our karma, and our limited beliefs.

But when we start to say "yes" through stretching, opening, releasing tension, affirming, lifting our consciousness into the high atmosphere of Spirit, consciously giving and sharing love with others, we open ourselves to our Infinite Potential.

Our lives become healed. Our relationships become healed. Our circumstances shift into a higher octave. Our problems dissolve in the Radiant Light of Spirit. We start allowing the spiritual healing work we've been doing to really penetrate deeply into our experience. We are truly allowing.

At that point, not only will the spiritual healing work we've been using start working better, but our whole life will start working better.

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I am a spiritual clearing facilitator who works with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to identify, clear, and resolve your limiting subconscious programming (also known as your karma, or your akashic records), so that you can raise your consciousness & experience more authentic states of joy, healing, prosperity, optimism, and freedom to create the life you want. Please visit me at