Although there are some reluctant to use squeezes pages being they believe it hurts their sales, nothing could be further from the truth. These pages should in fact be considered integral components of any online business development strategy and the discussion here today is going to explain why! When building a list it is necessary to direct people to a simple page designed for no other reason than to collect contact information. Nothing is offered for sale, these visitors either opt in or they leave and some marketers wince at the thought of passing up a sales opportunity! Now why is it, that when you build your business, trying to collect contact information 'before' trying to make a sale (profit) is such a good idea?

Here are 3 benefits building a list offers any online marketer that should not be overlooked, can not be denied and absolutely why it should be done!

Traffic Generation Takes Effort

Much of the effort involved in operating any online enterprise goes into getting people to your websites or blogs! Traffic generation consumes a lot of time, energy and other resources therefore it makes little sense to just let the result of these efforts slip away! In a sense what you are doing is recycling these efforts when building a list since you can now make repeated contact with these people. This saves a heck of a lot of time and effort later on!

Develop Relationships

Based upon the fact that you can now 'stay in touch' with people who have left you their contact information allows you to develop a relationship with them. In doing so they will likely become more receptive to your promotional efforts thereby increasing your sales which will obviously help you to build your business faster.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Can you think of a more cost effective and efficient way to promote online other than sending out emails to people willing to receive them? From a cost and effectiveness standpoint list building has got to be the best business development strategy you can find.

For any online business the use of squeeze pages should be consider a cornerstone of any internet business development strategy! Many people working online find it difficult to accept the concept that collecting a page visitors contact information is more important than making a sale. On the other hand being most entrepreneurs are profit driven, this is an understandable stance for them to take. The point here however is that when you build your business collecting contact information should be a priority. The 3 benefits building a list offers, as explained above offer a line of reasoning that is hard to deny and why list building needs to be at center stage in your business development strategy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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